Hello list, I'm working on an automation around haproxy process lifecycle in 
master-worker mode. It's working nice but I'm not confident that all premisses 
I used are correct. Please provide some guidance if I did any wrong assumption, 
RTFM link is welcome as usual.

First of all I figured out that master cli will "connection refused" after a 
reload cmd during the start of the new worker. I'm using a unix socket but I 
assume the behaviour would be the same using ip+port. I'm also using a 
successful connection as the meaning of a finished reload process, failed or 
not. Please let me know if there is a way to be notified, I'm retrying to 
connect within a for-loop and a growing sleep between attempts.

Another assumption I made is that if I don't have any worker in the `# workers` 
list, it means that the last reload failed. I've observed that as soon as the 
master cli accepts connections again, the new worker is already there provided 
that the reload didn't fail.

I also observed that the `show proc` output isn't that machine-friendly, anyway 
it's not a big deal, some regex does the job and I'm assuming the lay out is 
immutable. Maybe I missed some optional json output in the doc?

Thanks in advance, ~jm

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