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> Hi all,
> while revisiting pending issues, I've come across this one, about
> the impossibility for an environment variable to produce multiple
> words in the configuration:
>     https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/issues/165
> It can be trivially addressed by adding support for ${VAR[*]} to the
> config language. This addition is relatively simple to do, roughly
> speaking, simply add the code in parse_line() in the "if" block dealing
> with "$", detect the presence of '[', terminate the variable name here,
> raise a flag, then once the variable is resolved, increase arg for each
> space found.
> We've missed it for 2.2 already, it would be nice if someone interested
> in this feature could have a look at it before we release 2.3. I'm OK
> with merging it slightly late given that the side effects are quickly
> tested.
> In the same vein, I've long been saying that we're missing an ifdef
> mechanism, but if we had $(if,cond,true,false) like makefiles, we could
> already do a lot, particularly in the regtests. There's quite more work
> here (define expressions for the condition, internal variable names for
> version and builtin options, recursive resolving of variable names), but
> it's likely that the same person(s) might be interested.
> If someone's interested in having a look at that, please let me know.
> There's no shame in trying and not succeeding, don't worry :-)

At the moment I'm always interested to add simple feature, but I also
would like to progress with my patch serie on stats so I'm not sure if I
will have the time for this :/

Amaury Denoyelle

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