adding some more thoughts we discussed internally with Pierre:
- we started to use `show servers state`, as it was the only way to
get the current config for the parameters we wanted to change with the
existing runtime API.
- even if it was not necessarily designed for that purpose, we need a
way to get the current config.
- we understood `show servers state` was more likely designed for
internal usage, especially for `load-server-state-from-file`, so that
my patch set has some implications.

That being said, would it more acceptable to add a new API which which
reflects all the `set` commands such as:
- show server [<backend>/<server>]
would display all the config of a given server or all of them
- show server <backend>/<server> agent
- show server <backend>/<server> state
- show server <backend>/<server> weight
and for my first proposition:
- show server ssl [<backend>/<server>]
- set server ssl [<backend>/<server>] on/off

for our immediate usage around ssl we are also thinking about ca_file,
crt, crt-file.

This also would be a good answer to simplify how it is managed through
the current dataplane API

What are your thoughts about it?

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