Hello fine people. Short time lurker, first time poster.

Was on version 2.0.5 with CentOS 7.6 and everything was working fine with 
Exchange 2019.
Upgraded to 2.2.3 and now when we put Exchange into maintenance mode HAProxy 
does not change status - it reports that all services are still up (L7OK/200).

Example backend:
backend be_ex2019_oab
  mode http
  balance roundrobin
  option httpchk GET /oab/healthcheck.htm
  option log-health-checks
  http-check expect status 200
  server <servername> <IP_Address>:443 check ssl inter 15s verify required 
ca-file <Path_to_crt_file>
  server <servername> <IP_Address>:443 check ssl inter 15s verify required 
ca-file <Path_to_crt_file>

If I stop the app pool for a service in IIS, or stop all of IIS, HAProxy will 
properly show the service/services as down - as it gets a non 200 response (503 
or 404).

When putting the Exchange server into maintenance mode, there is no http 
When I check with a browser I get "ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR" or "Secure 
Connection Failed". Basically no response.
When I check with wget from the haproxy server I get "HTTP request sent, 
awaiting response... Read error (Connection reset by peer) in headers."
Yet HAProxy is happy and continues to try to send mail to the down server - not 

Any Ideas?

I just tried 2.2.4 and no joy.



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