HAProxy 2.4-dev15 was released on 2021/04/02. It added 69 new commits
after version 2.4-dev14.

I feel like we haven't done much this week due to the time spent dealing
with the recent regressions in 2.3 and 2.2 :-/

With this said, we could still merge some long-pending stuff and continue
the cleanups:

  - Christopher finally merged his long-term stabilization updates for
    the "tcp-request content" rule sets. The problem with this ruleset
    nowadays is that when used with HTTP, the L6 matches (those relying
    on req.len, req.payload) mean nothing as they just see the internal
    HTX contents. There is an emulation layer in place to decode HTTP on
    the fly but for TCP level it is meaningless. But these were sometimes
    needed in setups where a TCP frontend branches to an HTTP backend,
    leading to an implicit TCP->HTTP upgrade, in which case the rules
    would apply to TCP for the first request, or to HTTP for the next
    ones. And to add to the fun, I don't even remember what happens if
    a TCP->HTTP upgrade is done during a frontend-to-backend transition
    and an H2 upgrade is required, since all requests will have to pass
    in turn through the frontend again. Well, no need to enter into the
    long list of details, it's become a complete mess. We figured that
    the root cause of the problem was that users have valid reasons to
    use tcp-request rules in TCP frontend and to switch to HTTP backends,
    as that it was not possible to use http-request rules in the frontend.
    What was done was the addition of a new "switch-mode" action to the
    tcp-request ruleset, which ends the TCP analysis and switches to HTTP,
    where HTTP rules can be used. This will result in the ability to write
    cleaner configs in the future, where TCP is used only for TCP and HTTP
    is used everywhere else. Of course current working configs continue to
    work, but we can hope that over the course of a few years the tricky
    and unreliable ones will fade away (I think most users already noticed
    that TCP rules don't work exactly the same with H1 and H2 and tried to
    achieve something better).

  - Amaury added a long-awaited feature which is a diagnostic mode for the
    config: certain constructions are valid but suspicious, and we've often
    been hesitating about adding a warning or not. For me the rule has
    always been quite simple: there must always be a way to express a valid
    config without any warning, to encourage users to fix them. But because
    of this certain mistakes are hard to spot and can cause trouble. This
    was the goal of the diag-mode: start haproxy with -dD and watch the
    suggestions. It may report things that are totally valid for you but
    uncommon, or others that are the cause of your trouble. Since the
    addition is new, only a few checks were added (servers with weight 0
    which sometimes result from a transient bug in a config generator,
    servers with the same cookie value, nbthread being specified more than
    once, out-of-order global sections). But the goal is to add more over
    time now that the infrastructure is in place, and these are things we
    can easily decide to backport later if they help users troubleshoot
    their setups.

  - I cleaned up the tests/ and contrib/ directories. The tests/ directory
    is now split into conf (test configs), exp (experimental stuff for
    developers), unit (unit tests for certain code areas). I expect it to
    become dirty again over time, it's not a big deal. The contrib/
    directory however was a bit more challenging. I managed to establish a
    classification between the following groups:
      - development tools (code generators, debugging aids, etc). These
        were moved to dev/. Those depending on any include file are now
        built from the main makefile with automatic compiler options so
        that we don't take a shower of warnings anymore. In addition this
        will ensure that certain flags match what is used elsewhere.

      - admin tools (halog, systemd unit, selinux configs etc) were moved
        to admin/. Again those which need some includes are now built from
        the main makefile (e.g. halog).

      - optional addons which depend on 3rd-party products or popular tools
        (device detection, promex, opentracing) were moved to addons/. Some
        were slightly renamed (51d->51degrees, prometheus-exporter->promex,
        opentracing->ot) so that they all have a USE_xxx equivalent that
        matches the same name. Now using USE_PROMEX=1 is enough to build
        the prometheus exporter, no need for EXTRA_OBJS=... anymore. Some
        parts of the makefile could be moved there as opentracing does.
        Note, I think that some of the doc for the device detection addons
        could be moved to their respective directories, which would further
        simplify their discovery by users and even possibly their
        maintenance. If you're maintaining one of them (Ben, David, Paul),
        feel free to suggest or send patches.

      - and I figured that the last remaining ones were all SPOA agents
        (mod_defender, modsecurity, spoa_example, spoa_server). These ones
        are agnostic to the haproxy version, and we've already had to fix
        bugs there and backport the fixes everywhere while only the last
        version should be relevant. Thus for these ones I'm seriously
        thinking about taking them out of the repository and creating
        individual repositories on github/haproxy so that their respective
        maintainers can more easily update them or even share the effort
        with other participants. We could then just put a link to the
        wiki with an up-to-date list so that there is nothing to backport
        anymore. Christopher, Dragan, Thierry, I'm interested in your
        opinion on this.

It's always satisfying to see some old stuff being tidied and cleaned up
a little bit, but I also know I'm not the best one when it comes to
proposing names. So if you feel uncomfortable with dev/ admin/ addons/ and
have better ideas, feel free to suggest (but be aware that there are lots
of places to adjust, including CI scripts).

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Complete changelog :
Amaury Denoyelle (6):
      MINOR: global: define diagnostic mode of execution
      MINOR: cfgparse: diag for multiple nbthread statements
      MINOR: server: diag for 0 weight server
      MINOR: diag: create cfgdiag module
      MINOR: diag: diag if servers use the same cookie value
      MINOR: config: diag if global section after non-global

Christopher Faulet (30):
      BUG/MINOR: payload: Wait for more data if buffer is empty in 
      BUG/MINOR: mux-h2: Don't emit log twice if an error occurred on the 
      MINOR: stream: Don't trigger errors on destructive HTTP upgrades
      MINOR: frontend: Create HTTP txn for HTX streams
      MINOR: stream: Be sure to set HTTP analysers when creating an HTX stream
      BUG/MINOR: stream: Properly handle TCP>H1>H2 upgrades in 
      BUG/MINOR: config: Add warning for http-after-response rules in TCP mode
      MINOR: muxes: Add a flag to notify a mux does not support any upgrade
      MINOR: mux-h1: Don't perform implicit HTTP/2 upgrade if not supported by 
      MINOR: mux-pt: Don't perform implicit HTTP upgrade if not supported by mux
      MEDIUM: mux-h1: Expose h1 in the list of supported mux protocols
      MEDIUM: mux-pt: Expose passthrough in the list of supported mux protocols
      MINOR: muxes: Show muxes flags when the mux list is displayed
      DOC: config: Improve documentation about proto/check-proto keywords
      MINOR: stream: Use stream type instead of proxy mode when appropriate
      MINOR: filters/http-ana: Decide to filter HTTP headers in HTTP analysers
      MINOR: http-ana: Simplify creation/destruction of HTTP transactions
      MINOR: stream: Handle stream HTTP upgrade in a dedicated function
      MEDIUM: Add tcp-request switch-mode action to perform HTTP upgrade
      MINOR: config/proxy: Don't warn for HTTP rules in TCP if 'switch-mode 
http' set
      MINOR: config/proxy: Warn if a TCP proxy without backend is upgradable to 
      DOC: config: Add documentation about TCP to HTTP upgrades
      REGTESTS: Add script to tests TCP to HTTP upgrades
      BUG/MINOR: payload/htx: Ingore L6 sample fetches for HTX streams/checks
      MINOR: htx: Make internal.strm.is_htx an internal sample fetch
      MINOR: action: Use a generic function to check validity of an action rule 
      MINOR: payload/config: Warn if a L6 sample fetch is used from an HTTP 
      MEDIUM: http-rules: Add wait-for-body action on request and response side
      REGTESTS: Add script to tests the wait-for-body HTTP action
      BUG/MINOR: http-fetch: Fix test on message state to capture the version

Florian Apolloner (1):
      BUG/MINOR: stats: Apply proper styles in HTML status page.

Julien Pivotto (1):
      DOC: clarify that compression works for HTTP/2

Miroslav Zagorac (1):
      BUG/MINOR: opentracing: initialization after establishing daemon mode

William Lallemand (2):
      REGTESTS: ssl: "set ssl cert" and multi-certificates bundle
      REGTESTS: ssl: mark set_ssl_cert_bundle.vtc as broken

Willy Tarreau (28):
      BUG/MEDIUM: time: make sure to always initialize the global tick
      BUG/MINOR: tcp: fix silent-drop workaround for IPv6
      BUILD: tcp: use IPPROTO_IPV6 instead of SOL_IPV6 on FreeBSD/MacOS
      CLEANUP: socket: replace SOL_IP/IPV6/TCP with IPPROTO_IP/IPV6/TCP
      BUG/MINOR: http_fetch: make hdr_ip() resistant to empty fields
      CLEANUP: vars: always pre-initialize smp in vars_parse_cli_get_var()
      TESTS: slightly reorganize the code in the tests/ directory
      TESTS: move tests/*.cfg to tests/config
      CONTRIB: halog: fix issue with array of type char
      CONTRIB: tcploop: add a shutr command
      CONTRIB: debug: add the show-fd-to-flags script
      CONTRIB: debug: split poll from flags
      CONTRIB: move some dev-specific tools to dev/
      BUILD: makefile: always build the flags utility
      DEV: flags: replace the unneeded makefile with a README
      BUILD: makefile: integrate the hpack tools
      CONTRIB: merge ip6range with iprange
      CONTRIB: move some admin-related sub-projects to admin/
      CONTRIB: move halog to admin/
      ADMIN: halog: automatically enable USE_MEMCHR on the right glibc version
      BUILD: makefile: build halog with the correct flags
      BUILD: makefile: add a "USE_PROMEX" variable to ease building 
      CONTRIB: move prometheus-exporter to addons/promex
      DOC: add a few words about USE_* and the addons directory
      CONTRIB: move 51Degrees to addons/51degrees
      CONTRIB: move src/da.c and contrib/deviceatlas to addons/deviceatlas
      CONTRIB: move src/wurfl.c and contrib/wurfl to addons/wurfl
      CONTRIB: move contrib/opentracing to addons/ot


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