On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 05:56:15PM +0200, Tim Düsterhus wrote:
> Vincent,
> On 8/17/21 5:49 PM, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> > For users of haproxy.debian.net or Launchpad PPA, the vulnerabilities
> > are fixed by patching the previous versions. Launchpad PPA builders are
> > still running but it should be available in the next hour. I will upload
> > the new versions later this week.
> As a consumer of your packages: A big thank you for your work.
> After I noticed Willy's announcement I checked whether any new 2.4.x
> packages were available and indeed they were already there, saving me the
> work from compiling a custom version / adjusting the config.

I second that! And I'm well aware of the amount of work Vincent had to
do behind the curtains to deal with this since the end of last week to
provide us with all this just in time.

Thanks a lot Vincent!

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