A couple of days ago I noticed that quictls had made a 3.0.3 version available.  I upgraded and then tried to rebuild haproxy (master branch).  The compile failed.  Don't they know they shouldn't change API in a point release?  (It's not even a good idea in a minor release unless there is backward compatibility)

Something interesting.  I set up ucarp so haproxy wouldn't go down even if my main server dies.  When I have my dd-wrt router forwarding udp 443 to the ucarp VIP, http/3 doesn't work.  UDP 443 is getting through:


If you look closely at the tcpdump output, you'll notice that when haproxy replies, it replies from the actual IP address of the machine (.200) rather than the ucarp VIP (.170) where it received the request.  Is this something that can be fixed?

If I change the port forwarding in haproxy to send to the main .200 address, the external http/3 check works.


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