Il giorno dom 8 mag 2022 alle ore 11:07 Willy Tarreau <> ha scritto:

> With that said, I admit that it could be useful to have another variable
> such as HAPROXY_SERVER_SSL to indicate if SSL is being used, and possibly
> another one such as HAPROXY_SERVER_PROTO to indicate when a protocol is
> being forced (e.g. h2).
> If you think your only solution would be to have such variables, feel
> free to have a look at the code to see how to add them. That should be
> simple enough for a first contribution. That's something we can merge
> late in the cycle, and possibly even backport to 2.5.
> Thank you very much willy for your reply.
Unfortunately I'm not a developer so it will take too much time form me to
contribute to the code.
I think I'll use a naming convention.


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