The Tc timer is documented as:

- Tc: total time to establish the TCP connection to the server. It's the time elapsed between the moment the proxy sent the connection request, and the moment it was acknowledged by the server, or between the TCP SYN packet and
  the matching SYN/ACK packet in return. The value "-1" means that the
  connection never established.

The `timeout server` option is documented as:

The inactivity timeout applies when the server is expected to acknowledge or
send data.

However, I have a few connections with a higher Tc than `timeout server` (5m), e.g.:

May 25 20:15:33 admin-msh haproxy[1015]: ::ffff: [25/May/2022:03:18:44.905] redis redis/http-msh02.efw.ha.cyberfusion.cloud 1/0/61008353 87670 -- 134/113/112/112/0 0/0

Shouldn't the `timeout server` have closed the connection with the sD termination state after 5m if it took 61008353 ms for the server to acknowledge the connection request? Or, more likely, am I misreading the documentation?

Full config is attached. Used HAProxy version is 2.2.9-2.

With kind regards,

William Edwards
  log /dev/log local0
  log /dev/log local1 notice

  stats socket /var/run/haproxy-admin-1.sock level admin process 1 mode 660 
group root
  stats timeout 30s

  user haproxy
  group haproxy

  nbproc 1
  nbthread 6
  cpu-map auto:1/1-6 0-5

  log global
  mode tcp
  option httplog
  option dontlognull

  timeout connect 5000
  timeout client 5m
  timeout server 5m
  timeout tunnel 1h

listen redis
  bind :::6380 v4v6
  mode tcp
  balance source
  option tcplog
  option tcpka
  server http-msh02.efw.ha.cyberfusion.cloud fc00:b6d:cfc:4::11:6379 check 
agent-check agent-inter 5000 agent-port 60413

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