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> On Tue, May 24, 2022 at 08:56:14PM +0000, Alford, Mark wrote:
> > Do you have instruction on the exact library needed to fo the full
> install on RHEL 7 and RHEL 8
> >
> > I read the INSTALL doc in the tar ball and the did the make command and
> it failed because of LUA but lua.2.5.3 is installed
> >
> > Please help
> >
> >
> Hello,
> I'm using this thread to launch a call for help about the redhat
> packaging.

I am the maintainer for all the Red Hat and Fedora packages. Feel free to
ask questions here on the mailing list or email me directly.

> We try to document the list of available packages here:
> https://github.com/haproxy/wiki/wiki/Packages
> The IUS repository is know to work but only provides packages as far as
> 2.2. no 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5 are there but I'm seeing an open ticket for
> the 2.4 here: https://github.com/iusrepo/wishlist/issues/303
> Unfortunately nobody ever step up to maintain constantly the upstream
> releases for redhat/centos like its done for ubuntu/debian on
> haproxy.debian.net.

I try to keep Fedora up to date with latest upstream, but once a release
goes into a specific Fedora release (eg. haproxy-2.4 in Fedora 35) I don't
update to haproxy-2.5 in that same release. I have in the past and I get
angry emails about rebasing to a newer release. I've spoken to Willy about
this in the past and we seem to be in agreement on this.

RHEL is different. We almost never rebase to a later major release for the
lifetime of RHEL. The one exception was when we added haproxy-1.8 to RHSCL
(software collections) in RHEL7 since the base RHEL7 had haproxy-1.5 and
there were significant features added to the 1.8 release.

I get this complaint often for haproxy in RHEL. Keep in mind that RHEL is
focused on consistency and stability over a long period of time. I can't
stress this enough - it is extremely rare to rebase to a new, major release
of haproxy (or anything else) in a major RHEL release. For example, RHEL9
has haproxy-2.4 and will likely always have that version. I do often rebase
to newer minor release to pick up bug fixes (eg. haproxy-2.4.8 will be
updated to haproxy-2.4.17, but very unlikely to be anything beyond the
latest 2.4 release). I understand this is not for everybody.

Maybe it could be done with IUS, its as simple as a pull request on
> their github for each new release, but someone need to be involve.
> I'm not a redhat user, but from time to time someone is asking for a
> redhat package and nothing is really available and maintained outside of
> the official redhat one.

As mentioned elsewhere, COPR is likely the best place for this. It had been
awhile since I've used it, but there have been times I did special,
unsupported builds in COPR for others to use.

Hope this helps.


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