Hi Christopher,

Thank you for you answer. The first case you described fits to me. If I face any issues I will write to this thread.

09.06.2022 10:49, Christopher Faulet пишет:
Le 6/8/22 à 15:22, Yuriy Ivkin a écrit :

  Is the TXN.done(txn[, reply]) function in haproxy 2.6 what I am looking for ?

08.06.2022 12:53, Yuriy Ivkin пишет:


 In the lua HTTP class did not find a method allows to override response body. May be it is possible via some other methods ?

 If not, are there any reasons should prevent me to write it ?


It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to return a custom response, you can indeed register a lua action and call it in an http-response rule. You can create a Reply object with some original response headers, if necessary, and with a custom body. In this case, TXN.done() should be used.

However, this solution is limited to one buffer. You cannot stream the response payload. In the same way, you must wait for the response body to rewrite it. But only if the whole response fits in a buffer. With this solution, it is not possible to rewrite a too big response body.

If you want to rewrite a large response, you must write a lua filter. It is more difficult. The API is a bit rough. But it is more versatile.

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