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Family Dollar will be very grateful if you can  provide or  source with a quote 
of  the following items:

Wholemilk Powder 28% fat 50lbs 850 bags
Non Fat Grade A Powder Milk 50lbs 850 bags

Typical Composition
Lactose 36.0% - 38.5%
Fat     26.0% - 40.0%
Ash     5.5% - 6.5%
Moisture        2.0% - 4.5%

We're interested in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with your company 
if your quotes match our budget. With this in mind, we ask that you give us the 
best prices for these items for our payment terms is Net30. Kindly flourish us 
with a credit application form.

Please feel free to email us for further clarification.

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