HAProxy 2.8.7 was released on 2024/02/26. It added 1 new commits
after version 2.8.6.

This version was emitted shortly after the 2.8.6 in order to fix a recent
regression. Indeed, people using the OCSP feature with manual CLI update (set
ssl ocsp-response) have reported crashes. The crashes were introduced in an
attempt to fix a problem with the ocsp-update feature combined with the 'set
ssl cert' CLI command. The former problem could still happen and we are still
investigating a better way to fix it. The patches were reverted in order to fix
the historical OCSP feature, and avoid crashes during soft-stop.

People that are using the OCSP and the 2.8.6 release are encouraged to update
to this version.

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Complete changelog :
William Lallemand (1):
      BUG/MAJOR: ssl/ocsp: crash with ocsp when old process exit or using ocsp 


William Lallemand

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