HAProxy 3.1-dev2 was released on 2024/06/29. It added 45 new commits
after version 3.1-dev1.

Several fixes related to the recent 3.0 release are present in this
version, as well as a few older ones. Most visible are three QUIC
crashes, a possible double free on stick-tables, issues affecting
aws-lc with ECDSA, a risk of server flapping when DNS resolution
times out, and the usual amount of small fixes all over the place.

In addition we've been notified by Yuki Mogi of FFRI Security that
some of our pseudo-headers in H3 were not sanitized enough and that
these could theoretically be abused with some severely non-compliant
backend servers, so this was fixed as well. This will be backported
to the next stable versions as it's not dramatic enough to warrant a
release on its own.

The "show dev" command was improved to report command-line args as
well as boot & current capabilities. Linux capabilities switched to
v3 instead of v1 in order to avoid a deprecation warning on recent
kernels. We've checked the impacts and apparently there are none,
beyond the lack of support of kernels prior to 2.6.26, so we'll soon
backport it to 3.0 so as to silence the annoying warning users are

A date converter was added to take an HTTP date on input and produce
a UNIX timestamp on output. This will help calculate expiration delays
for example.

The sigalg feature was added for aws-lc, which, I think, should now
match 1:1 the features level of openssl (unless I'm missing something).

Some hints were added to crash outputs to suggest how to decode the
core file and what to report.

And the rest is a start of files reorganization, cleanups and doc updates.

Really nothing truly exciting but it's only dev2, be patient :-)

Regarding the MPTCP and CONNECT patches that have been floating around,
I just couldn't assign a single minute to them since my return from
vacation. Maybe I'll have an eye on one of them next week, may be the
week after. Don't worry, they're not forgotten. I'd also like that we
revive Tristan's abns change proposal for 3.1, now that we're no longer
at the end of a cycle. I'll also try better next time to advance the
release to the middle of the week but this time it didn't work.

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   Documentation    : https://docs.haproxy.org/
   Wiki             : https://github.com/haproxy/wiki/wiki
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   Slack channel    : https://slack.haproxy.org/
   Issue tracker    : https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/issues
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   Git repository   : https://git.haproxy.org/git/haproxy.git/
   Git Web browsing : https://git.haproxy.org/?p=haproxy.git
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   Latest builds    : https://www.haproxy.org/l/dev-packages

Complete changelog :
Amaury Denoyelle (12):
      BUG/MAJOR: quic: fix padding with short packets
      BUG/MAJOR: quic: do not loop on emission on closing/draining state
      SCRIPTS: git-show-backports: do not truncate git-show output
      BUG/MINOR: h3: fix crash on STOP_SENDING receive after GOAWAY emission
      BUG/MINOR: mux-quic: fix crash on qcs SD alloc failure
      BUG/MINOR: h3: fix BUG_ON() crash on control stream alloc failure
      BUG/MINOR: quic: fix BUG_ON() on Tx pkt alloc failure
      BUG/MEDIUM: h3: ensure the ":method" pseudo header is totally valid
      BUG/MEDIUM: h3: ensure the ":scheme" pseudo header is totally valid
      BUG/MEDIUM: quic: fix race-condition in quic_get_cid_tid()
      BUG/MINOR: quic: fix race condition in qc_check_dcid()
      BUG/MINOR: quic: fix race-condition on trace for CID retrieval

Aurelien DARRAGON (11):
      BUG/MINOR: log: fix broken '+bin' logformat node option
      DEBUG: hlua: distinguish burst timeout errors from exec timeout errors
      BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: fix email-alert invalid free
      REORG: mailers: move free_email_alert() to mailers.c
      BUG/MINOR: proxy: fix email-alert leak on deinit() (2nd try)
      DOC: management: document ptr lookup for table commands
      DOC: api/event_hdl: small updates, fix an example and add some precisions
      BUG/MINOR: hlua: report proper context upon error in 
      MINOR: cfgparse/log: remove leftover dead code
      BUG/MINOR: server: fix first server template name lookup UAF
      BUG/MEDIUM: server/dns: prevent DOWN/UP flap upon resolution timeout or 

Christopher Faulet (2):
      BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: Decrement the ref count inside lock to kill a 
      MINOR: stick-table: Always decrement ref count before killing a session

Frederic Lecaille (1):
      BUILD: Missing inclusion header for ssize_t type

Valentine Krasnobaeva (9):
      MINOR: capabilities: export capget and __user_cap_header_struct
      MINOR: capabilities: prepare support for version 3
      MINOR: capabilities: use _LINUX_CAPABILITY_VERSION_3
      MINOR: cli/debug: show dev: add cmdline and version
      MINOR: cli/debug: show dev: show capabilities
      REORG: init: do MODE_CHECK_CONDITION logic first
      REORG: init: encapsulate CHECK_CONDITION logic in a func
      REORG: init: encapsulate 'reload' sockpair and master CLI listeners 
      REORG: init: encapsulate code that reads cfg files

William Lallemand (6):
      REGTESTS: ssl: fix some regtests 'feature cmd' start condition
      BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: AWS-LC + TLSv1.3 won't do ECDSA in RSA+ECDSA 
      MINOR: ssl: activate sigalgs feature for AWS-LC
      REGTESTS: ssl: activate new SSL reg-tests with AWS-LC
      DOC: configuration: fix alphabetical order of bind options
      MINOR: sample: date converter takes HTTP date and output an UNIX timestamp

Willy Tarreau (4):
      DEV: flags/show-fd-to-flags: adapt to recent versions
      MINOR: debug: print gdb hints when crashing
      BUILD: debug: also declare strlen() in __ABORT_NOW()
      MINOR: activity: make the memory profiling hash size configurable at 
build time


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