Hi, re #917 Björn Malm from Quito & other matters

Wonderful reporting from you Björn, as always. Re R Cosmopolta, I have not said that 
my report was returned, simply that it hasn't been answered. I used the address you 
mentioned. And also the name you
suggested. Well so a f/u is going from here any day. I see you are coming this way 
soon. Be sure to get a phone-call from me.

Re the Radio Nord special nostalgia program over 9980 Lithuania June  30, it  is was 
heard well here, but to miserably  I believe to attract the average listener*. I 
missed 75 % of the show because I had simply forgot about the event, and tuned in at 
2035 UT. (My only excuse is too much TV that evening here  - for once.) Had to use USB 
mode to get the sharpness of the sound needed for fair readability. Very good 
programming, and a kick for those who were around at the time 40 years ago. To the 
producer(s), many thanks for this shortwave event, and  tell our Lithuanian friends 
that the transmitter was a bit meak this time.  

I should really get into the SW bands sincerely again soon, my  break is due to bad 
health, and a pause was needed. This afternoon at work at our  small local airport a 
lot of time was spent with phone and telex conversation with a US air operator 
regarding a F900  arriving here tomorrow. Sorry, no more details, you cannot discuss 
customers.  One can only be amazed how  the world regards this  "petite" airport. It's 
almost closed in July, and I had alert a helluva lot of people. We are surely not LAX 
or JFK... My God !        

We - ESGT - Trollhattan-Vanersborg Airport  , are on the air with our NDBs 24h. 325 
and 399. In a WWII story about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor I read that the 
USAAF (Army Air Force) used a commercial Honolulu station as a NDB. And that they 
actually asked the station not to close but to go on with their px at night and early 
mornings when a unit  coming in from the continental US was due. So one of the airborn 
commanders of the attacking air fleet actually got a weather forcast for the target 
area on medium wave and ordered  "head on". To good to be true.  And the few radar 
blips actually seen and reported in Hawaii were attributed to these US positioning 

73 Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden with an AOR7030 and K9AY a bit down for the 

attackers actually got a weather brief in the clear from   

*meaning those who 
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>    2. Addition to WSJZ 1700 QSL (Patrick Martin)
>    3. DX Listening Digest 2-105; WOR 1137; Nets to You (Glenn Hau-ser)
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> Message: 1
> From: "Thomas Nilsson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 14:55:05 +0200
> Subject: [HCDX] =?iso-8859-1?Q?Bandscan_SW_51_from_Quito_by_Bj=F6rn_Malm?=
> Bandscan SW no. 51 from Quito, Ecuador by Björn Malm.
> >From July 15 I and my wife "Susanita" will be on Swedish territory for a few 
> It shall be nice to change temporarily the messy Quito to well-organized Sweden. For 
>me it is a dream to have a little "cabin" here in Ecuador to rest, for example on the 
>peninsula Santa Elena not far from Guayaquil. My mother-in-law has some land there 
>close to the holiday cottage of the president. 
> Just imagine how nice it will be to leave this crazy capital for a DX-pedition to 
>the Pacific Ocean for a week or so. There it is possible to erect a long beverage as 
>it is an uninhabited area. 
> After a night with tough DXing I will take a 15 - minutes walk on the several mile 
>long beach falling to sleep to the roaring waves ...... 
> You can't understand how tough life is nowadays here in Quito - when I was here for 
>the first time 5-6 years ago it was a pure idyllic spot. Now I has dramatically 
>changed to the worse due to poverty is spreading down even to the middle class. 
>Although I have lots of examples I will not bore you with this sad facts. It is 
>better to go for the positive instead. It is nice to walk around in central Quito 
>with all the old houses and churches  - one more beautiful than the other. 
> Central Quito suffers from heavy traffic but is built like a small town with narrow 
>streets and even more Otherwise you get narrow pavements and I can´t figure out how 
>people reach their work - you have to have ice in your stomach and walk in ultra 
>rapid.  Otherwise you get pushed away out below one of the big and quiet, 
>electrically driven "Trole"-busses coming like an express train. 
> From the beginning I learned from different Quito-people "not to push anybody ....." 
>otherwise you usually can be beaten up. It is also quite depressing to walk around 
>when poor people are sitting very quiet on every 10 meter, begging for some coins to 
>survive another day. I think of among others an old Indian woman sitting very still 
>and quiet every day looking down and with her right hand stretched out as a cup.
> I have seen lots of tourists from Europe standing with big eyes and open mouth 
>looking at this enormous crowd of people with Indians, Mestizos, beautiful "morenas" 
>from the coast, the huge amount of sales people on the streets walking around trying 
>to sell everything you can think of, all those small boys cleaning shoes who never 
>are satisfied with a "no, thank you" but continue and continue saying your shoes that 
>"your shoes ore dirty and need cleaning" - once I gave without thinking some centavos 
>to a shoe-cleaner with needing to clean my shoes - I just wanted him to stop 
>harassing me. I shouldn't have done that! 5 minutes later all of the shoe-cleaners 
>from Plaza Grande market standing in a ring around me - a crazy "gringo" giving money 
>without the need to do a thing .............  /BM
> 2399.85H  Radio Super, Cali (Colombia). June 2002 - 1010 UTC. Harmonic from 1200 kHz 
>(2x 1199.93). 
> 2413.39v  Radio Paraíso, unknown QTH (Peru). Clear "Radio Paraíso"-IDs and lovely 
>Peruvian folk music with super audio quality in the prgramme "Amanecer campesino". 
>"Comunicados" can be a good way to find out the "departamento" of the station 
>location. In this case a "comunicado" to a person living in "Santa Rosa". "Cajamarca" 
>has also been mentioned. Varies some kHz up/down.   
> 3599.77H  Radio Super, Cali (Colombia). June 2002 - 1025 UTC. Seems to be more 
>common on it´s 4:th harmonic 4799.70H kHz. Harmonic from 1200 kHz (3x 1199.92).  
> 4899.80  La Voz de Saquisilí y Libertador, Saquisilí (Ecuador). June 2002 - 1445 
>UTC. I have had no contact with Saquisilí y Libertador diuring the last years. If 
>that depends on the fact that the station has been off air or that I seldom listen 
>after 1200 UTC, I don´t know.  
> 5499.25  Radio San Miguel, la provincia de San Miguel, el departamento de Cajamarca 
>(Perú). June 15 2002 - 2330 UTC. On April 26 all of you in SWB in a special preview 
>got an alarm about an Unid LA on this frequency - obviously a test transmission with 
>nonstop, mostly Ecuadorian, music without talk. Came back on May 4 again with nonstop 
>music without talk, but this time witn Peruvian music. On May 15 came the solution 
>for this "problem" when "Radio San Miguel" was reactivated on this new frequency. 
>Seems to broadcast regularly - yesterday evening, Monday, they were a little higher 
>up in frequency: 5500.58 - announcing 5500 kHz, 1450 and 101.1. This date a lot of 
>talk about election of a new mayor/"alcalde" - mentioning several "distritos" among 
>others "Llapa" and "Calquis". I logged "Radio San Miguel" the last time in May last 
>year on 6339.67 kHz (see SWB 1458). At that time they gave ID as "San Miguel Arcángel 
>Radio". . Now I only hear "Radio San Miguel"-IDs and sometimes "!
> San Miguel super radio". When you get this little "preview" San Miguel has bben on 
>air for a few days so maybe someone has got an ID.  
> The above log was sent out as a "preview" to all in SWB June 18. Can still be heard 
>and seems to have two frequencies: 5499.25 and 5500.58 kHz. 
> Info from "Ventanaperú": Provincia de San Miguel, cuya capital es San Miguel de 
>Pallaques. Sus distritos son: Calquis, El Prado, La Florida, Llapa, Nanchoc, Niepos, 
>San Gregorio, San Miguel, San Silvestre de Cochán, Unión Agua Blanca; con una 
>población total de 59,641 hab.
> 5879.19H  Radio Imperio, Chiclayo, la provincia de Chiclayo, el departamento de 
>Lambayeque (Perú). Has been a big mystery for a long time - until now when I checked 
>the MW frequency of the station and started to count - Radio Imperio on  SW 4388.96 
>kHz plus Radio Imperio on MW 1490.23 kHz  = 5879.19 kHz! A mixing product between 
>SW/MW is probably a rare form of harmonic. They are not announcing co-transmission 
>with Radio Uno, Chiclayo but instead with the FM-transmitter Radio Tropicana 
> Info from "Ventanaperú": Provincia de Chiclayo, cuya capital es Chiclayo. Sus 
>distritos son: Chiclayo, Chongoyape, Eten, Puerto de Eten, José Leonardo Ortíz, 
>Lagunas, La Victoria, Monsefú, Nueva Arica, Oyotún, Picsi, Pimentel, Reque, Santa 
>Rosa, Saña; con una población total de 625,183 hab.
> 5900 /5905 USB  Radio Cosmopolita, Quito (Ecuador) can still be heard but at the 
>moment more sporadic. Mails are beginning to drop in, among others from our members 
>Tore B. Vik/TBV and Johan Berglund/JB, mentioning that their reports are returned. I 
>called up the station and heard that they have a new address: "Radio Cosmopolita, 
>Morales 1224 y Garcia Moreno, Quito". Telephone: (+593 2) 228 30 96. Address your 
>report to Sr. Alejandro Yautibug, who is in charge for the technical transmissions 
>for the Indian programmes. Otherwise the letters will be lying without being taken 
>care of on the Spanish department. The Indians only hire programme time. I asked if 
>there is an email address but the answer was negative.  
> 73 from BM (Björn Malm) i Quito! 
> (Please give credit to both SWB and BM when quoting information above!)
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> Message: 2
> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Patrick Martin)
> Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 23:24:42 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: [HCDX] Addition to WSJZ 1700 QSL
> I checked and the verie signer on my WSJZ verie is Jack
> O'Brian-Operations Manager.
> 73s,
> Patrick Martin
> Seaside  OR
> KAVT Reception Manager
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> Message: 3
> From: "Glenn Hau-ser" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 18:50:07 +0000
> Subject: [HCDX] DX Listening Digest 2-105; WOR 1137; Nets to You
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> Regards, Glenn Hauser
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> Profile!]
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> Message: 4
> Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 12:35:41 -0400
> From: Marcelo Toniolo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Does anybody know where I can find a book or list of addresses of Utility
> Stations ?
> I purchased the 2002 GUIDE TO UTILITY RADIO STATIONS and unfortunately they
> are no longer publishing the list. In 1993, when I bought the same guide,
> there was a very good list with addresses from hundreds of stations.
> I wrote a message to Klingenfuss and he replied to me (see below) saying
> that he is not going to publish the list anymore.
> Thanks in advance.
> Marcelo
> scusate signore ma in questi tempi of continuous telecom bankrupts and
> takeovers etc it is impossible to track the address of a radio station, es
> explained in the foreword to the station list. by consequence, we can't
> publish an up-to-date address list any longer, so: no list!#
> nice to see you satisfied with the quality of our products
> for latest screenshots of wavecom digital data decoders (including red
> cross kandahar and kismayoo - probably the next target ...) see our
> hotfrequencies webpage updated D A I L Y !
> best wishes - 73, c strap
> Klingenfuss Publications
> Hagenloher Str. 14
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> Germany
> Phone ++49 7071 62830
> Fax ++49 7071 600849
> Internet http://www.klingenfuss.org
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