Hi guys


Had to share this Email QSL with you guys which came today. 1422 4AM
translator Port Douglas, Queensland. Back in 5 weeks for written report.
Every now and again you get little gems like this one, whether any of it is
true is another thing. lol. I'm sure it is.





David Onley - MW/FM/Tropical Band Dxer


P.O. Box 821, Belmont, Victoria, 3216, Australia

+61 428 114430


>From August 20:

Louis David Straat 639. 2551 ES Den Haag, 

The Netherlands




Hi David,


Thank you for your reception report. Sorry I have taken so long to reply.


The transmitter you were listening to is located between Mossman and Port
Douglas. The power is only 1Kw omni directional as the frequency is shared
with the multicultural station in Melbourne.  The transmitter is a solid
state Blythe which was manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Audio
processing is an Innes Corp Crusher manufactured in Australia. The tower is
40 metres. Program is fed via a Telstra landline which for the last
kilometre runs through a mangrove swamp - occasionally the program is
interrupted when a crab severs the line. The mangrove swamp is also home to
a saltwater crocodile so our engineer cringes whenever we go off the air.


The main 4AM transmitter is located on the Atherton Tablelands in Mareeba
and is a 5Kw service broadcasting on 558kHz. We frequently get letters from
people in Japan  and the west coast of America who have tuned in.




Andrew Talbot

Breakfast Announcer


Macquarie Regional Radioworks

4AM Atherton Tablelands / Port Douglas

175a Byrnes Street



Phone: (07) 40924558    

Fax:     (07) 40926286


Web:     <http://www.4am.com.au> www.4am.com.au 



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