Some observation log downunder in remote SDR unit at Brisbane Queensland, Australia, in 0515 to 0640 UT time slot on Sept 16.

Mostly signals noted from Europe and Africa via westerly long path across Azores, Colombia, Easter Isl, South Pacific ocean area into Australia.

9420.008 GRC  Voice of Greece, Avlis, S=9+10dB nice signal, fine audio.
9440     GB   BBC Hausa sce from Woofferton-UK, S=9+5dB
9535     F    RTA Algiers, Ar, via TDF Issoudun-F
9590     ALB  CRI Cerrik relay in Arabic
9620     ROU  RRI Tiganesti, in English.
9670     VAT  Vatican Radio in Portuguese to AF, S=9+25dB powerful signal
9790     F    RFI French via TDF Issoudun
9825     USA  WHRI, Water Of Life Ministry, phnone in, S=9+15dB at 0545 UT
9885     STP  VoA in French, S=9+15dB signal strength.
9955     USA  RMI, TOM BS sermon, at 0547 UT.
7259.959 VUT  Radio Vanuatu English, S=8 or -78dBm at 0549 UT.
7295     F    RTA Algiers, Ar, via TDF Issoudun-F, S=8-9

and a lot of NoAmericans fade-in stns - in 49 mb like RMI and RHC.

12085.054 EGY  Radio Cairo, Arabic, S=8-9 signal at 0552 UT.
11980.008 TUR  TRT Emirler, Turkish morning sce, S=9+10dB.
11934.720 BRA  Tentativelly RB2 signal from Brazil ?
11854.905 BRA  Radio Aparecida heard at 0559 UT.
11780.010 BRA  RNA Brasilia, fluttery S=7-8 signal.
11775     ALB  CRI Cerrik relay in Arabic, S=9+10dB,
              also CRI Cerrik En on 11710 kHz too.
11764.647 BRA  SRDA at S=8 signal level.
11750.005 TUR  TRT Emirler, Turkish morning sce, S=9+5dB.
11725.010 NZL  RNZi Rangitaiki, English sports news, excellent
              audio signal quality, 11 kHz wide broadband signal,
              at S=9+20dB level in Brisbane, Australia.
11680.002 KRE  KCBS Pyongyang, rather poor S=6 signal on No-So path
11625     VAT  Vatican Radio from Santa Maria di Galeria,
              Vatican State, English sce, S=8-9
11600     MDA  Kurdish Radio, Radio Denge Kurdistan, S=8 sidelobe
13635.008 TUR  TRT Emirler, Turkish morning sce, S=8-9 at 0630 UT
13750     ROU  RRI Tiganesti in Arabic, S=7-8
15104.976 KRE  VoKorea Pyongyang via Kujang center, Chinese sce
              poor S=5 signal on North-South path into Australia
15179.992 KRE  VoKorea Pyongyang via Kujang center, French sce,
              towards Alaska, WeCanada, SoUSA 28 degrees path,
              S=5 poor signal at 0640 UT on Sept 16.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

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