Begins a new stage in the history of RAE , which will become RADIODIFUSION of 
Rae RAE ARGENTINA ABROAD ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD , updating the concept of our 
international signal .

Among the new features is the decision to maintain the presence shortwave ( 
frequency 15345 and 11710 from the transmitting plant of General Pacheco , 
where today we have some technical restrictions in the modulation stage but 
with the challenge of solving and increase our presence shortwave .

We continue transmitting in 8 languages , now with a homogeneous programming , 
which will be consistency in content with the specific contribution of each 
language with its peculiarities . The new programming will be broadcast from 
Monday to Monday

Each language will have a 55-minute daily broadcast on shortwave and repetition.

Also, the daily broadcast will be available on the new website of RAE ARGENTINA 
TO THE WORLD, where there will be eight microsites, one for each language. 
There you will find streamming daily broadcast 24 hours a day in all languages.

RAE specific applications for mobile devices has also developed, and in a 
second stage a program of differentiated podcast and broadcast programs on 
local stations RAE other countries. It will also be available for download "on 
demand" programs in recent days.

Another new feature is the addition of 6 channels of Argentina music in each 
microsite, separated by genre (tango, folklore, rock, folk, jazz / fusion and 
classical) that worked 24 hours with playlist constantly growing and aesthetic 
radio is ie with additional data presentation and context of musical works 
incorporated. Thus during 24 hours a day, they can be heard for example the 
best works of Charly Garcia, Yupanqui, Piazzolla, Sandro, Malosetti, La 
Camerata Bariloche, announced in different languages, with radio format. This 
based on the new design and development of what we call RAE DIGITAL.

The daily program covers different subjects developed jointly by the new 
production equipment and SAR teams in each language. After the newsletter, and 
the inclusion of music and specific general interest pads

We will also have a new signal interval

The basic outline of programming in all languages will be:

Our MONDAY Football / Tango Argentino
TUESDAY Argentinos Without Borders / Folk
WEDNESDAY Conversation / Argentinas flights
THURSDAY Welcome / Science and Technology
FRIDAY Sports / Common Stories

Saturdays irradiate an ABSTRACT OF THE WEEK NEWS DX.COM.AR then the new space 
dedicated to diexismo, radio, media and information technology.

This program will be produced and presented in SPANISH by ARNALDO Slåen and 
director of RAE LUIS MARIA BARASSI with radio information and communication 
technologies applied to, audio material, interviews, etc. The program will have 
an estimated 25 to 30 minutes in length.

This format will also be issued in different languages and will be available 
not only on the website of RAE but also spaces dedicated to disseminate content 
on the web DX weekly update.

Finally on Sunday will be the day of the bridge, a special weekly informal 
space where contact with the listeners will be preferred, music and interview 
program. The program aims to be a magazine in tribute to classic international 
broadcasting STATION joy and other similar cycles that have made history in 
international broadcasting.

It is important to support all DXers colleagues, amateur radio and shortwave 
lovers to get their messages, emphasizing the importance of shortwave and the 
need to increase the presence in the different bands, complementing digital 

Begins a new stage of RAE, ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD, with many ideas and 
challenges ahead and where participació of all sectors related to our 
environment will be essential for growth and the next steps.

Importantly, after many years of being virtually ignored by various steps in 
this new stage of National Radio it has taken the decision to develop a project 
with the participation of excellent historical professionals RAE, incorporating 
related professionals digital environments and the opportunity for the 
Executive Advisor of the station is Adrian Korol, who beyond being a name known 
for his work on radio and TV is, for many years an amateur radio DXers and 

In the coming days the final scheme of schedules, frequencies and target areas 
in all languages will be known.

The launch will be at an event to be held on October 5 at 19 pm in the 
Auditorium of National Radio, located at Calle Maipu 555 Buenos Aires, where we 
hope to have a large presence of all DXers and enthusiasts the radio that so 
many years have held high activity, with its technological advances without 
losing the magic of radio.

All ideas, proposals and especially the dissemination of this news will be 

73 & DX


Luis Maria Barassi - Manager
Adrian Korol - Executive Advisor
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