EGYPT   Unidentified station with Egyptian music, Sept.18
1215-1230 on  9600*unknown transmitter site, good signal
*co-ch CRI on 9600 KUN 150 kW / 163 deg to SEAs

SECRETLAND(non)   IRRS European Gospel Radio and Radio Santec via SPL, Sept.18
European Gospel Radio & other rlg px:
0930-1200 on  9510 SCB 050 kW / 306 deg to WeEu Eng Sun, open carrier/dead air
Radio Santec/The Word/The Cosmic Wave+Denge Kurdistan+Brother HySTAIRical TOM:
1500-1530 on 15190 SCB 050 kW / 090 deg to SoAs Eng/Ger Sun+Denge

U.K.(non)   Reception of Radio ERGO and TWR Africa via BaBcoCk Dhabayya, Sept.18
1200-1300 on 17845 DHA 250 kW / 225 deg to EaAf Somali Radio ERGO, goog signal
1300-1315 on 17680 DHA 250 kW / 230 deg to EaAf Afar TWR Africa,

Ivo Ivanov

*QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria
*Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 30 m. long wire
*Web: *
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