All loggings made in Galena, Alaska which is the rural central part of the
state between Nome & Fairbanks)

Voice of Mongolia 12035kHz, 250KW to Asia (178 degree azimuth beam)

I heard this on August 1, 2016 from 0859UTC to 930UTC but only recorded
about 14 minutes of it. I used a Tecsun PL880 and Wellbrook ALA1530LNP to
pick this up. The directional/nulling capabilities and noise reduction
properties of the loop beat my 225 foot long wire on this.


Voice of Vietnam 12019kHz (to the far east, no beam or azimuth data listed

I tuned into the english broadcast  on 12019khz between 1150 and 1200UTC.
In the first instance, I heard a beautiful Vietnamese song play before a
female announcer came on to talk about culture and society in Vietnam. She
then played a short clip of a man talking about some kind of wood carving.

This clip was recorded at 1151UTC to 1153UTC using a Tecsun PL880 radio,
225 foot long wire with a signal pick up pattern facing east and west.
Other equipment used includes an EmTech ZM2 Antenna tuner and DX
Enigneering HF PreAmp. I would give a SINPO rating of 34345. I give the
overall rating a 5 because if it wasn't for the moderate amount of fading
and noise this would've been a beautifully listenable signal.

Audio here:

My second recording on September 11th is from 1155UTC. The recording is of
the Voice of Vietnam  female announcer on 12019kHz giving out the Voice of
Vietnam English Services contact information followed by a Vietnamese song

I would give this second recording a SINPO rating of 43233. The rating
changes a little bit because despite the signal in this second recording
being a bit stronger, there is a bit more fading present. My 225 foot long
wire antenna this time was oriented to provide a north & south pick up

Audio here:

Voice of Vietnam 7315kHz via WHRI Cypress Creek, SC (250kw to the
Carribean, 152 degree beam azimuth)

On September 8 I tuned into the Voice of Vietnam broadcast on 7315khz from
0120 to 0130UTC. The female announcer was talking about some Vietnamese
cultural festival that attracts alot of visitors, saying it is a must see
place to visit. After the segment was of, a Vietnamese song played.

I would give this broadcast a SINPO rating of 33333. If there had been a
bit less noise and fading, this probably would've been a fairly easy signal
to listen to and understand.

A recording of the 7135khz from 0123 to 0128 UTC September 8th broadcast is

Voice of Vietnam 7280khz, 100kw to Europe, 320 degree azimuth beam

I heard the 7280khz english broadcast from 1622 to 1630UTC on September
6th. One song played for several minutes, a female announcer came on saying
it was someones very first song  and then a Vietnamese song played after
the announcer said goodbye and ended the show. I would give this a SINPO
rating of 32333.

I gave it that rating because the atmospheric noise combined with what
sounded like interference from another radio station made this a somewhat
hard broadcast to understand/listen to/get exact details from. My 225 foot
long wire antenna was oriented to pick up with an east & west pick up
pattern this time.

Here is my 7280khz/1622 to 1630UTC September 6th recording:
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