Apparently, the fine folks at Kaito USA think Alaska is a US protectorate
and not one of the 50 US states, therefore ebay orders from them
(multimeter_depot or Montclair, CA) wont ship to Alaska or Hawaii...

But guess what? Ordering off their website results in you
being able to ship to Alaska via priority mail.. which costs no more in a
flat rate box then to somewhere in the lower 48!

So, I sent a message to the ebay account of yours and asked why your
company doesnt ship ebay sales to alaska and hawaii. Jason replied with

 "Sorry, we had many problems with US protectorates order, so we decided to
ship to 48 states only.."

And then when I try and call Kaito USA's Toll free number, it says the toll
free number I've called can't be dialed from my area.

Kaito USA must really not want any business from Alaska or Hawaii. Well
guess what? I'll buy my next Tecsun PL880 from Anon-Co in China I guess!

I've bought 2 PL880's in the last month. I';ll gladly put my money
somewhere that my business is wanted

Paul Walker
Galena, Alaska
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