JRX Logs: Thu, September 22, 2016. 

+13820. September 22, 2016. 1913-1920, Radio Algerienne, Issoudun, in Arabic. 
The Holy Qur´an chant. Very good broadcasting, 45544.

+11815. September 22, 2016. 1040-1050, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania-GO, in 
Portuguese. Male announcer talks news about local and national football; game 
scores. ID: a station od Sistema Brasil Central de Radio. Interview with a 
candidate to elections in Goiania next october. Station with good signal and 
modulation, 45444.

+9525. September 22, 2016. 1935-1946, China Radio International, Beijing, in 
Russian. Female announcer talks; a short song by ABBA; male announcer talks. 
Broadcasting with good signal and a continous bip interference (It´s a 
reflection of the Voice of Indonesia transmitter ??).43433.

+13605. September 22, 2016. 1001-1030, All India Radio, Bangalore, in English. 
Female announcer talks news, many news and comments about Pakistan. ID, 
website. Indian songs. Broadcasting with fair signal and modulation, 35433..

+12035. September 22, 2016. 1030-1040, Voice of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, in 
Japanese. Female announcer talks & talks. Very poor broadcasting, 25432.

NIGERIA (Target to)
+12050. September 22, 2016. 1955-2020, Dandal Kura International, Ascension, in 
Kanuri. male announcer talks; short tribal song; ID; male announcers in 
conversation. Station with very good signal and modulation, 45544.

+15140. September 22, 2016. 1923-1933, Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait, in 
Arabic. Male announcer talks; female and male announcers talks witt a brief 
music between voices. A song. Broadcasting with poor signal and modulation, 

DXer: José Ronaldo Xavier (JRX).
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3).
RX (s): Degen DE1103+Tecsun S-2000.
Antenna: Portable Telescopic.
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