7146.56 ERITREA V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea Found here on this odd freq at 0313 w/tlk by studio W anncr in lang. alternating w/HoA mx. Severely jammed with a white noise jammer. Gradually got worse and could barely hear any audio at all by 0330 due to the weakening signal and jammer. Here's the link to a Youtube video of this, 7175 and also 7120 R. Hargeisa https://youtu.be/4-X6LdcJM6U (12 Oct.)

7175 ERITREA V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea Barely able to make out mx through the severe white noise jammer at 0313 followed by W anncr. More difficult than 7146.56. Was able to hear HoA mx at 0316, then M anncr at 0317-0320+. Like 7146.56, couldn't really hear the audio through the jamming by 0330. (12 Oct.)

7120 SOMALIA R. Hargeisa Nothing by 0320 t/out, but the signal was there at 0326 recheck. Could just barely hear mx at 0328 and tlk by M at 0330 but it was just totally impossible. They can't be modulating at more than 5%. (12 Oct.)

5024.93 PERU R. Quillabamba Noticed 5025 Rebelde had just an OC at 0944 which continued. Quillabamba's carrier popped on 5024.94 at 0952 but had deadair as well (at least I couldn't detect any) until Rebelde's audio came up at 1035. Actually Rebelde went off the air completely for 5 seconds at 1035 before coming back on with audio. In those 5 seconds when the Quillabamba signal was in the clear, I still didn't hear any audio. (12 Oct.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR, Wellbrook ALA1530S and 153 foot Delta Loop
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