JRX Logs: October 12, 2016. Correction log.

The correct frequency is 15220kHz, not 15520 as I wrote.
Glenn Hauser says: 11720 and 15220kHz both relay Greenville, North Caroline.
+15520*. October 12, 2016. 2002-2030, Voice of America, in Creole (Haitian). 
Man annnouncers talks and comments about current situation in Haiti 
post-hurricane and a Humanitarian help; 2016 Woman announcer talks, ID.2024 
Songs; 2030UT ID, IS and sign-off. Frequency with good signal and fair 
modulation, 45443. Parallel log on 11720kHz*, 35432 (sometimes, 35433). 
* Note: Both frequencies via Greenville-NC ?

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