4985.01 BRAZIL R. Brasil Central 0810 found in the clear with the RTTY off. Aparecida pgm. ZY Pops and live M DJ and occas. ad blocks w/Aparecida jingles, TCs. //11815.02. Here's a link to a stereo recording (4985.01 and 11815.02 separate channels) I made: https://app.box.com/s/dqyjtj3e83oyu9ra7h4k7570a5fj7rq2 (14 Oct.)

6035 R. Marti 0916 ID/promo by M, //5980 which was abt 3 seconds behind. Jamming very weak and hardly effective for once but came up to near normal level in the next 3 min. Same complete f/out of the jamming occurred again at 0939. (14 Oct.)

No 6180 R. Nacional Amazonia this morning from 0810 to at least 0920. (14 Oct.)

Neither 6160 Canadian showing any kind of a signal at 0947. Completely absent. (14 Oct.)

600 CUBA R. Rebelde With the disturbed conditions, found this in and out along with many other Cubans on the MW band. 0942 nx pgm w/M and W host, //5025. When 600 was peaking, almost nothing else audible on the freq. Here's a link to a stereo recording (600 and 5025 in separate channels) I made: https://app.box.com/s/kwl9xeibzn4yvn4b3yvuoeqh3mk4p80i Of course you get the best effect using headphones. (14 Oct.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA USA

Perseus SDR and NRD-535D
153 foot Delta Loop and Wellbrook ALA1530S loop
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