some 1500 - 1535 UT Oct 14 notes:

ETHIOPIA   7236.587 wander-centered up to 7236.607 kHz and down again,
at 1532 UT Oct 14, S=7-8 or -78dBm Horn of Africa music played,
heard here in southern Germany.

MYANMAR 7199.999 kHz Myanmar Radio from Yegu Yangoon fromer capital site, S=9 or -73dBm at 1510 UT Oct 14 here in southern Germany. Female Burmese language presenter, endless speech, but at 1517 UT local South East Asian mx played, TX off suddenly midst on mx at 1520 UT.

SOMALIA   7120 - or 1 Hz on lower side -, SOM Radio Hargeysa,
S=7 or -86dBm at 1522 UT Oct 14.

ERITREA  7146.555 centered Asmara bcast outlet from Eritrea,
S=7-8 or -83dBm at 1526 UT, covered by 20 kHz broadband
WHITE NOISE JAMMING from Gedja Jawe site in Ethiopia.

7184.989  The other Asmara Eritrean broadcast {yes, seemingly moved
10 kHz up here from 7175v kHz} noted at 1529 UT on Oct 14
on SDR unit in southern Germany.
S=8 or -76dBm signal strength, a little stronger than 7146.5v kHz
channel signal.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

73 wb

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Tonight six frequencies were jammed, one is clear:

Jamming to VoA on 11720 12110 12140 13860 15630 15785

15700 is clear.

the Ethiopians bought

exact 6 x BBEF Beijing Made in China units some 8 years ago,
which may possible switch to DRM digital mode transmission too.

wb df5sx

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Subject: [dxld] Ethiopia and Eritrea

following reports on Ethiopian jamming I tried to check how many
frequencies are actually jammed and tried to monitor ERI bc frequencies

After ERI was only found on 7175 during the weekend, it is now on 7146.6
again and on 7185. Jamming usually ends about 1700. I did not yet check
if Deutsche Welle Amharic is also jammed at that time.

1730 VoA Oromo begins. Tonight six frequencies were jammed, one is clear:

Jamming to VoA on 11720 12110 12140 13860 15630 15785

15700 is clear.

Ethiopian regional stations:

6030 kHz Radio Oromiya is usually off air from 1730, also 6090 Radio
Amhara. So it seems to be today also. 5950 Dimtsi Woyane is on air, but
much weaker than to be expected. 6110 is hard to determine as dominated
by PBS Xizang till 1800 and only a weaker signal left afterwards,
seemingly undermodulated.

Also R. Ethiopia 7235v is off before 1800.

All in all, the situation is quite absurd: When Oromo is broadcast,
listeners could listen to the VoA broadcast on at least one freq., while
- if they stick to SW - they will miss "their" government's Oromo
broadcaster. On the other hand, Eritrea seems to broadcast
propaganda/opposition stuff to Ethiopia at earlier times when ETH has
enough "free" transmitters to jam them, while ERI listeners - if they
stick to SW which is pretty unlikely after the long break - will not
find their own tyrants' home service. Why doesn't ERI would simply
broadcast the contents unwanted in Addis Ababa's presidential palace
somewhat later?

Governments... aren't they all a little bit like that?

73 Thorsten Hallmann, M√ľnster, Germany,

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