SPAIN   When checked RAE signal in 19 mb, I came across of a technical very
faulty bcast outlet from REE Madrid Noblejas on 15390 kHz, til sudden TX off
at 22.03:20 UT on Oct 14.

The signal was 'astonished' broadband of 42 kHz wide (2 x 21 kHz).

REE interval signal still played, when checked 15500 and 17855 kHz channels
after 2204 UT, both of standard 10 kHz bandwidth, S=9 in southern Germany.

ARGENTINA  15345.267 center fq, despite the TX unit wandered 5 - 10 Hertz
up and down around 22.00 UTC. S=8-9 or -73dBm fluttery signal.

Heard ID in Spanish language at 22.00 UT, followed by news on Marti item ...

73 wb

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