JRX Logs: October 14, 2016.

ALGERIA+12060. October 14, 2016. 2032-2048, Radio Algerienne, Issoudun, in 
Arabic. A song; Male announcer talks; Qur´an chant and recitation. Broadcasting 
with very good signal and modulation, 45544.
BRAZIL+9565. October 14, 2016. 2018-2030, Radio Deus é Amor, Curitiba, in 
Portuguese. At this time, program "Voz da Libertação",in collision with 
Adventist World Radio in French, relay Nauen.
CUBA+11840. October 14, 2016. 2120-2128, Radio Habana Cuba, Quivican, in 
Spanish. Female and male annoucers talks. RHC with good signal and barely 
audible this frequency, today. 45441.Note: At 2224UT, with good signal and fair 
modulation, 45433.+15370. October 14, 2016. 2200-2220, Radio Habana Cuba, 
Bauta, in Spanish. IS, ID, sked in spanish; RHC announcements. Man and woman 
(Pilar del Rio) announcers talks news. External reports with very distorted 
audio. Station with good signal and modulation, but with slight to moderate 
distorted, 45443.
TURKEY+9620. October 14, 2016. 2104-2118, Voice of Turkey, Emirler, in English. 
Turkish songs; 0215 Female announcer talks, ID; news resume, IS start at 2117. 
Station with fair signal and poor modulation, 35432.
UK+9410. October 14, 2016. 2050-2058, BBC, Al Seela, in Arabic. Male and female 
annnouncers in conversation with other man; A arabic song; ID. Station with 
good signal and fair modulation, 45433.
USA+9490. October 14, 2016. 2142-2159, Voice of America, Ascension, in Bambara. 
Male and female annnouncers talks; a short music; local song, ID.  Broadcasting 
with good signal and modulation, 45444.+11945. October 14, 2016. 2130-2140, 
Radio Free Asia, Saipan, in Korean. Woman and man annnouncers talks and talks. 
Broadcasting witg good signal and fair modulation, 45433.

DXer: José Ronaldo Xavier (JRX).Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3).RX (s): 
Tecsun S-2000.Antenna: Portable Telescopic.
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