The English service broadcast to "Latin America" from Kujang, North Korea.
  Recorded 0430-0530UTC October 17, 2016 using a Tecsun PL880, Welbrook
ALA1530LNP, EmTech ZM2 antenna tuner and DXEngineering HF Preamp.

Listening location is Galena, Alaska. A village of 500 people in the rural
central interior, 300 miles east of Nome and 300 miles west of Fairbanks

I would give this a SINPO Rating of 66666

Here is an image taken of the front of the Tecsun PL880 while listening to
this broadcast, showing just how strong the signal is... I was a bit
surprised, never seen something this high before, especially on shortwave!

Here's the entire hour of the English Service broadcast from the date and
time mentioned above:

Here's a few tips for anyone looking to log the Voice of Korea, the
international broadcasting arm of the North Korean government. These
rules/tips don't apply to KCBS.

They service begins within a few seconds of :#0 after the hour with their
very identfiable interval tune that is interspersed with a male and female
announcer saying "This is voice of korea" in whatever language is about to
sign on.

The programming ends about 24-25 after the next hour and the last 2 minutes
of the broadcast is spent going over the frequency and time schedule
information on where/when you can hear that particular language.

The transmitter is then left on, but there's an open carrier fir 3 minutes
until the next language service begins.
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