JRX Logs: October 18, 2016.

+15345. October 18, 2016. 2111-2120, RAE Argentina al Mundo, Gral Pacheco, in 
German. Woman and man annnouncers talks in low german. ID. RAE continues with a 
fair signal and distorted audio and barely audible, today, 35431 (sometimes, 

+6110. October 18, 2016. 1940-1950, China Radio International, Xian, in 
Russian. A song; Man annoucer talks. Broadcasting with good signal and fair 
modulation, 45433.
Parallel log on 9525kHz, Beijing, 45544.
+9560. October 18, 2016. 1920-1927, China Radio International, Urumqi, in 
Hungarian. Man annoucer talks and talks; Woman annoucer talks, ID? and IS at 
1927. Station with very good signal and modulation, 45544.
+9730. October 18, 2016. 1930-1940, China Radio International, Kashgar, in 
Portuguese. Woman and man annnouncers talks about China tourism and economy; 
The Global Market; ID. A romantic song in "Acordes do Oriente". CRI has a good 
signal and fair modulation in this frequency, 45443.

+11700. October 18, 2016. 2001-2010, Radio France International, Issoudun, in 
Hausa. Man and woman annnouncers talks news, presumably. Station with good 
signal and fair modulation, 45433.

+6145. October 18, 2016. 1951-1959, KBS World Radio, Woofferton, in French. Man 
and woman annnouncers talks. KBS with fair to poor signal and barely audible in 
this frequency, 25331 (sometimes, 35332).

+11615. October 18, 2016. 2100-2110, Madagascar World Voice, Mahajanga, in 
Chinese. IS; Man annoucer talks, ID and website, letter by letter (in english); 
A song; Man annoucer talks in chinese without accent; Woman annoucer talks. 
Station with good signal and fair modulation, 45433.
+13710. October 18, 2016. 2049-2057, Radio Feda, Mahajanga, in Arabic. Songs; 
Woman annoucer talks, ID, website and bye bye. Madagascar World Voice in arabic 
returns with a very good signal and modulation, in this frequency, 45544.

+15450. October 18, 2016. 1900-1920, Radio Romania International, Tiganesti, in 
Spanish. IS, ID, programming of the day. Woman annoucer talks news; ID; Invite 
to "RRI Listener Day" participation, next November 6; 1915 Program "Club de 
Negocios" - about Romanian economy theme. Good signal and modulation, 45544.
Parallel log on 17800kHz, Tiganesti, sign-off.

+12095. October 18, 2016. 1848-1858, BBC, Dhabbaya, in Arabic. Man annoucer in 
conversation with a external reporter; ID. Broadcasting with good signal and 
modulation, 45444.

DXer: José Ronaldo Xavier (JRX).
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3).
RX (s): Tecsun S-2000.
Antenna: Portable Telescopic.
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