JRX Logs: Sat-Sun, August 5-6, 2017.

Receivers: Degen DE1103 & Sony ICF-SW100S.

Transmitter Site Logs: Cuba/ France/ Philippines/ Romania/ USA/. 
** 15140. Sun, Aug 6 at 0140-0150, Radio Habana Cuba, Titan-Quivican-CUB, in 
Spanish. Program "Nuestra Historia": woman announcer talks about cuban 
revolution; pieces of dead Fidel Castro speeches; ID. Fair transmission, 35433.

** 13820. Sun, Aug 6 at 1835-1847, Radio Algerienne, Issoudun-F, in Arabic. The 
Holy Qur´an chant by muslin cleric; 1845 Man announcer talks, Qur´an 
recitation. Very good broadcasting, 45544.
** 15200. Sun, Aug 6 at 1848-1858, Deutsche Welle, Issoudun-F, in Hausa. Man 
announcer makes a interview with a nigerian citizen; Jingle and ID; 1856 man 
talks news, presumably. DW with good signal and modulation, 45444.
** 17660. Sun, Aug 6 at 1900-1930, Radio France International, Issoudun-F, in 
Portuguese. IS, ID; Announcers present a newsletter; 1906 "Convidado da 
Semana": a interview with a man, about Neymar tranfer from Barcelona to PSG 
team; ID; 1912 "Magazine Arte"; 1920 A african song; 1922 "French Lesson". RFI 
wit very good signal and modulation, 45544.
** 17730. Sun, Aug 6 at 1811-1821, Eye Radio, Issoudun-F, in English. Man and 
woman announcers make a interview with a man, about South Sudan; ID. Station 
targeting to SSD with good signal and modulation, 45444.

** 9910. Sun, Aug 6 at 1822-1834, Radio Pilipinas, Tinang-PHL, in Tagalog. 
Woman announcer talks, ID; 1824 A song; Woman talks and other song. Station 
with good signal and fair modulation, 45433.

** 13810. Sun, Aug 6 at 1931-1956, Radio Romania International, Tiganesti-ROU, 
in Spanish. Victoria Sepciu presents a dx program "Club DX"; news, mssages and 
reception reports from many countries; ID, POBox, e-mail; 1935 Club de Oyentes; 
1951 La canción del día. RRI has a very good signal and modulation, 45544.

** 7315. Sun, Aug 6 at 0048-0058, Voice of Vietnam, Furman-SC, in Spanish. Man 
talks; 0050 "Cita de Correspondencia": Letters, listener messages and reception 
reports; ID; 0047 Ends of programming, ID, sked in spanish, mail, etc. VOV with 
good signal and modulation, 45444. Program corresponding to Sat, August 5, 2017 
** 9605. Sun, Aug 6 at 0100-0138, KBS World Radio, Furman-SC, in Spanish. IS, 
ID; "Informativo KBS": a newsletter; 0110 "Cine en la Radio"; 0125 "Buzón del 
Radioescucha". KBS presents a good signal and modulation, 45544..
** 11580. Sat, Aug 5 at 2300-2329, Radio Miami International, Okeechobee-FL, in 
English. Program "World of Radio": Glenn Hauser presents a DX program, writing 
many logs of various countries, including some of my JRX logs. WRMI with fair 
signal and modulation, 35433 (sometimes 35332).

DXer: José Ronaldo Xavier
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3)
RX (s): Degen DE1103 & Sony ICF-SW100S
Antenna: Longwire
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