EDXC Radio 2017 on air today Wednesday 9th August 2017 with few short 15 
minute tests on 9290 and/or 9270 kHz starting 16:00 UTC and lasting until 23:00 
UTC! Direct transmission will be transmit from Finland.

All correct reception  reports came to e-mailaddresses 
spaceshuttlera...@yahoo.com or radiospaceshut...@hotmail.com will be verified 
via Special Printed QSLs for those who will partisipate meeting in Tampere 
18-20th August 2017. (QSLs will be left there to infotable and can be picked 
from there by anyone reported us! QSL-letter will include also more informative 
material  of EDXC Radio).

More info of the conference can be found from web  
http://sdxl.fi/edxc/index.html Please take part and join with!

 Others not taking part will got their QSL via e-mail!

  Best regards,

EDXC Radio 2017
P.O.Box 2702
NL-6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands
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