JRX Logs: Fri-Sat, August 11-12, 2017.
Receiver: Degen DE1103.

Transmitter Site Logs: Angola/ China/ Oman/ Philippines/ South Africa/ UAE/ 

** 4950. Fri, Aug 11 at 2219-2230, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos-AGL, in 
Portuguese. Man and woman announcers talk news, mainly news of angolan 
elections; ID. RNA with poor transmission and fades, 35332-35331.

** 9590. Sat, Aug 12 at 0108-0125, China Radio International, Kashgar-CHN, in 
Spanish. Woman and man announcers talk a Newsletter; ID; 0120 Program "Punto de 
Contacto". Very good signal and modulation, 45544.
** 11775. Sat, Aug 12 at 1935-1947, China Radio International, Kashgar-CHN, in 
German. Man and woman announcers talk; 1940 A romantic song by male singer; 
1945 "Chinese lesson". Good signal and modulation, 45444.

** 15140. Sat, Aug 12 at 1810-1830, Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait-OMA, in 
Arabic. Man announcer talks & talks. RSO and RHC, both in arabic, in collision 
this time, with fades. After 1830-1900, RHC in Creole, much better than RSO. 
1900-1932, RHC in english and RSO with arabic music, both with very poor 
transmission and collision continues.Total log observation: 1810-1932.

** 12095. Fri, Aug 11 at 2317-2327, FEBC, Bocaue-PHL, in Hmong-White. Woman 
announcer talks, preaching; 2322 A song by children chorus. Very poor 
broadcasting, 25332.

** 3320. Fri, Aug 11 at 2230-2240, Radio Sonder Grense, Meyerton-AFS, in 
Afrikaans. Man announcer presents a musical programming. RSG with a fair 
transmission, 35433.

** 12095. Sat, Aug 12 at 1948-2000, BBC, Dhabbaya-UAE, in Arabic. Woman and man 
announcers talk and a interview with a arabic reporter, presumably; 1959 ID. 
Good signal and fair modulation, 45433.

** 5950. Fri, Aug 11 at 2250-2300, RAE Argentina, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. 
Man and woman announcers talk; ID; Music. Awful transmission.
** 9955. Fri, Aug 11 at 2302-2315, Radio Miami International, Okeechobee-FL, in 
English. Man announcer reading many station logs; 2314 ID, POBox and website; 
2315 A arabic music and next other program in english. WRMI with fair 
transmission, 35433.
** 11580. Fri, Aug 11 at 2240-2250, RAE Argentina, Okeechobee-FL, in Italian. 
Man and woman announcers talk; A interview with a italian citizen. Fair 
broadcasting, 35433.

DXer: Jose Ronaldo Xavier
Location: Cabedelo-PB, Brazil (UTC-3)
RX (s): Degen DE1103
Antenna: Longwire
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