SWLDXBulgaria News, January 18-19 (publications №12346-№12360)
ETHIOPIA   Radio Ethiopia in Tigrinya, instead of English/French on Jan.18:
1600-1702 on  7236.6 GDR 100 kW / non-dir to EaAf, not English/French

GERMANY(non)   Bible Voice Broadcasting via MBR, Nauen, Jan.19:
1500-1600 on 11790 NAU 125 kW / 096 deg to SoAs Urdu Fri,

JAPAN(non)   Frequency changes of JSR Shiokaze Sea Breeze from Jan.19
1300-1400 NF  5935 YAM 300 kW / 280 deg to NEAs, ex 6085 as follows
1300-1330 Chinese Mon; Japanese Tue/Sat; Korean Wed/Fri/Sun; English Thu
1330-1400 Korean Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat; Japanese Tue/Sun; English Thu
1600-1700 NF  6110 YAM 300 kW / 280 deg to NEAs, ex 7285 as follows
1600-1630 Chinese Mon; Japanese Tue/Sat; Korean Wed/Fri/Sun; English Thu
1630-1700 Korean Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat; Japanese Tue/Sun; English

JAPAN(non)   New frequency of Furusato no Kaze via Shiokaze from Jan.19
1405-1435 NF  6085 YAM 300 kW / 280 deg to NEAs Japanese Daily, ex

MADAGASCAR   WCB Madagascar World Voice KNLS New Life Station, Jan.19
1800-1900 on  9570 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to EaEu Russian tx#1,

MOLDOVA(non)   Reception of Trans World Radio India, Jan.18
1600-1630 on  7535*KCH 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs Urdu, fair:
* strong QRM  7530 TAC 100 kW / 068 deg to NEAs Korean

RUSSIA   Reception of Radiocompany Adygeya/Adygeyan Radio, Jan.19:
1800-1900 on  6000 ARM 100 kW / 188 deg to CeAs Adygeyan Fri,

TAJIKISTAN   Reception of Voice of Tajik in English on Jan.19
from 1330 on  7245 DB  100 kW / non-dir to CeAs English,

SOUTH AFRICA   Fair to good signal of Channel Africa on Jan.19:
1500-1555 on 17770 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to ECAf Swahili

SUDAN   Again very odd frequency of Radio Omdurman Sudan, Jan.18
from 1404 NF  7204 ALF 100 kW / 210 deg to CeAf Arabic, ex

U.K.(non)   Radio Japan NHK World via BaBcoCk Tashkent on Jan.18
1530-1600 on  7565 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg to SoAs Hindi, good

U.K.(non)   Trans World Radio Africa via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol, Jan.19
1630-1700 on  9940 KCH 300 kW / 158 deg to EaAf Somali, good

U.K.(non)   Radio Ranginkaman/Rainbow via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol, Jan.19
1700-1730 on  7580 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WeAs Persian Mon/Fri,

U.K.(non)   Radio Dandal Kura Inter via BaBcoCk Ascension, Jan.19
1800-2100 on 12050 ASC 250 kW / 065 deg to WeAf Kanuri, very

ZAMBIA   Good signal of KVOH Voice of Hope Africa tx#2, Jan.18:
from 1630 on  6065 LUV 100 kW / 315 deg to WeAf English


73! Ivo Ivanov

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Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
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