** ANGUILLA. 11775, Feb 4 at 1355, PMS is on again. 6090 was not to be heard 
the night before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOUVET ISLAND [non]. And I do mean non. The 3Y0Z ham DX-pedition had to be 
aborted. See

``February 3, 2018, 2000 UTC: During the last 72 hours, we continued to 
experience the high winds, low clouds, fog and rough seas that have prevented 
helicopter operations since our arrival at Bouvet. No improvement was predicted 
in the weather forecast for the next four days. Then, last night, an issue 
developed in one of the ship’s engines.

This morning, the captain of the vessel declared it unsafe to continue with our 
project and aborted the DXpedition. We are now on our long voyage back to Punta 
Arenas. As you might imagine, the team is deeply disappointed, but safe. There 
is already talk about rescheduling the DXpedition,

Bob, K4UEE
Ralph, KØIR
Erling, LA6VM``

Maybe one can hear/work their maritime mobile 3G9A/MM which they referred to on 
the way in (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CAMBODIA [non]. 9325, Feb 3 at 2230, weak talk in unknown language, 
something new here noticed as I am checking WOR on 9330 WBCQ. Fortunately, not 
enough to bother WBCQ. Latest HFCC of Jan 29 has nothing on 9325 except: 
1230-1330 IBB Tinian in Khmer; 1500-1615, something new via Tashkent; 1800-2100 
Egypt in Hausa. Nothing in Aoki/NDXC either. But EiBi has it:
``9325 2230-2330 USA Radio Free Asia KHmer SEA /MRA-t`` = Tinian 
No doubt an addition due to Cambodia`s persecution/prosecution of RFA staff in 
the country (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 15030, 15098, 15167, 15234, 15302, 15438 approx., Feb 4 at 1402, main 
spurblobs of RHC-FM out of AM 15370. Program audio quite readable if tuned in 
FM. As I tuned up, was first hearing the mess at 15022; but very little audible 
on 15506 or higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [non]. 11530, Feb 3 at 1930 and 1956 chex, no signal from R. Herwa 
International via WRMI, which I had said was reliable. Now what? Takes 
Saturdays off or sporadic? Will it show on Sunday Feb 4? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** RUSSIA. 9996-CW, Feb 4 at 1417, time pips, prolonged at ToM, and some of 
them doubled, of course from RWM Taldom near Moskva. WRTH 2018 page 669 has no 
`program schedule` for this, but IIRC the CW IDs occur at 9 past the hour, too 
late for them now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SERBIA. Re my log of YT1A on 14186.9-USB, Feb 3 at 1510, QRZ.com page info 
with name as ``Vladan Curlic . . . There`s a hook over the first C of Curlic; 
is that Romanized Serbian, or Croatian? Why not re-spell it Churlitz if 
Karel Honzík, Czechia, replies:
Glenn, in fact it is  "Churlitch", see:

VLADAN CURLIC --- with a hook over the first C and an acute accent over the 
last C. The IPA rendering of the latter is a /t/ plus a symbol resembling the 
figure /6/, which corresponds to the Russian ``shch``, so in that rendering the 
name would become Churlitshch``. Since he left the acute off the final c on his 
qrz.com page, I assumed it was a mere unaccented c = ts or tz (Glenn Hauser, 

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1915 monitoring: confirmed Saturday February 3 at 2230 
on WBCQ, 9330.047v-CUSB, very poor S3-S5. Also confirmed Sat Feb 3 at 2300 on 
WRMI 7780, good S9+10; By 0200 Feb 4, 7780 is a JBA carrier. Someone assumed 
this was // 9395, but that signal completely gone. Also confirmed UT Sun Feb 4 
at 0425 on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, MO, at the PJB schedule 4 minutes into show so 
started circa 0421. 

Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, reports: ``GERMANY, World of Radio #1915 on 9485 CUSB via 
HLR on Feb 4:
1131-1200 on  9485 GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu English Sun, weak``

Mon 0030   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5130v Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE, 9455 to WNW
Tue 0030   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Tue 0030   WRMI 7730 to WNW
Tue 2030   WRMI 7780 to NE, 9455 to WNW [or #1916?]

Full WOR schedule via all media, podcast access:

** U S A. 17775, Feb 4 at 1859 and 1956, still JBA carrier only, from presumed 
KVOH on new Saturday in English transmission. Wolfgang Büschel reported at 1942 
UT Feb 3: ``17774.990 kHz KVOH noted as S=8-9 in remote Detroit Michigan SDR 
unit. MX program heard`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** U S A. 9475, Feb 3 at 2116, WTWW-1 is hiccuping, rapid carrier dropouts at 
the rate of 212/minute. Also Feb 4 at 1421 timed at 224/minute, maybe both 
within margin of error. A really sick transmitter; hasn`t Ted noticed? 
Unlistenable. However, I did not hear this happening while on night frequency 
5830 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3215, UT Sun Feb 4 at 0157, WWRB S9+30 with lo-fi paranoid 
conversation, interrupted by live Dave saying retune to 3185, ``give me a few 
minutes to retune the transmitter`` and off at 0158:20* to make way for *WWCR 
within a minute. Why doesn`t he just stay on 3185 or 3195 with no QSYs 
necessary?? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1742 UT February 4
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