Here's a few audio recordings of some recent catches in the last week or so

Ridgway, PA (NW corner of the state)
2000 feet in elevation
Sony XDRF1HD radio with 5 element Kathrein Scala YA7 Yagi

NEW LOG! Thursday April 5th, I had my radio on 103.5 and got a very quick
fade up at about 7:30pm, "...48 degrees outside the glass enclosed nerve
center in upper Northwest...." and that's all I had before it disappeared.
Thanks to Scott Fybush, he told me this was 44KW/518 feet, 190.81 miles
distant WTOP Washington, DC!

Here's the audio with the temperature mention:

About 90 minutes later I had another quick fade up with a story just
concluding from a reporter followed by the in studio anchor, "...... WTOP
News. Maryland's governor put pen to paper...."

Here's the audio:

I've already sent these clips to one of WTOP's engineers :)

NEW LOG!! CKOT-FM 101.3 Tillsonburg, Ontario. 26KW at 674 feet, 155.44
miles. This was made possible by the fact 45 mile distant 6kw equivalent
WKFT Strattanville, PA was off the air due to a power outage. CKOT is my
favorite log of the last week or two.

It was pretty easy to figure out I had something knew, the soft music they
were playing stuck out. I heard several "Easy 101" jingles, including this
station at just before 9am on Wednesday April 4th:

And here they are with a station jingle into a live announcer talking:

And here they are with a jingle then into a song. The signal got real weak
at times, fading up and down, but overall this little bit of reception hung
on for nearly 4 minutes unlike the usual 5-10-20 second fade ups.

And at about 947am, here is when WKFT signs back on and blasts CKOT out of
the water:

NEW LOG!! WMHR-FM 102.9 Syracuse, NY. 20KW/789 feet, 167.72 miles. I wasn't
hearing the usual "OK!102.9" AC music or "Y103" classic rock. At first, I
had a preacher and then some Christian music. It would fade up for 20-25
seconds at a time.

Here's two of the longer, more prominent, clear audio recordings of music
on WMHR:
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