Hey folks,

Anyone getting into the Hype for Star Citizen?

Not sure if anyone has been paying attention and/or cares, but it's the
biggest crowd funded game, at I believe 128million raised.  I actually
purchased my newest computer with the mindset that I'd be using it to play
the game.  The current alpha is a nice demo of the game, but the recently
released teasers for what is up and coming are pretty nice as well:
CitizenCon 2016 highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MysTnIXcc2w
Gamescon 2016 Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WMotcoO75M

I'm a huge Wing Commander Fan and back in 2012 I pledged for the $60
package, and since then have put in about $4/month towards development (I'm
$250 into pledges).  (I ungraded my starter ship to a better fighter and
purchased copies for the game for both of my daughters and a friend for

If you have the game and you're interested in flying around in game with
me, let me know I'll be happy to do a few missions.

If you don't have the game but are interested, if you use my referral
link/code you get 5000 bonus in game money.


My current computer is running the game nicely.

Corei7 6700k
Samsung 950 Pro 500GB
Gigabyte G1 Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 7
GTX 970
Corsair RM1000 PSU

I'm actually at the point now where I see things like the 1070, etc and I'm
not even thinking of upgrade, which is a strange place to be with computers
for me.

Have fun folks,

Christopher Fisk

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