I'll note that the manual doesn't say anything about disabling the four ports (CN3 [unsure, obscured in the picture] and CN4) on the back of the card, so I'd expect that means they should always work. If they don't then the card itself is likely defective or there's a missing or incorrect driver.

The jumpers look like they're to select between the internal ports on the top of the card and the external ports. Set them all to 2-3 jumpered and the four external ports on the card should be enabled. The four ports on the back should always be enabled.


On 2017-08-05 3:34 PM, Winterlight wrote:
I bought a SYBA 8 port controller = Marvel chipset NON raid.

I needed four internal and four external ports. This thing has 12 ports = 4 external, and 8 internal = 4 on top the card and 4 in the back and 16 jumpers to configure the ports. When I plugged it in I assumed I would have four internal and four external. However, I had no external enabled and only the four internal at the top of the card enabled. Apparently the default is just four of the twelve ports enabled!

The jumper settings in the manual is difficult to decipher but I tried moving 8 of the jumpers and now I have two external and two internal ports working. A big difference from the 8 ports it is suppose to have. I am having a hard time understanding the jumper chart and there is zero support for the card. Before I send it back to Amazon I thought I would ask the collective if someone can figure this out. To that end I have posted a pdf with the jumper settings from the manual and a high res picture of the card.


I suggest you download the pdf because the high res photo = big picture makes it difficult to view in a browser.

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