Invitation to the Conference
Jewish Studies in Tartu :
Lazar Gulkowitsch and his Seminarium Litterarum Judaearum Tartuensis
(a Memory for the Future)
May 13th to 15th, 2007
in Tartu, Estonia

The University of Tartu, its Faculty of Theology, and the Institutum 
Judaicum of the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tubingen invite you on 
the occasion of the 375th Anniversary of the Alma Mater Tartuensis to 
a Memorial Conference of the Seminarium Litterarum Judaearum 
Universitatis Tartuensis (1934-1940) and its founder, Lazar 
Gulkowitsch (1898-1941).

More than 70 years are past, since Lazar Gulkowitsch, having studied 
and worked in Koenigsberg and Leipzig, driven out of Leipzig in 1933, 
came to Tartu and began to build up his institute for Jewish Studies. 
When only few years were granted for this institution - it was closed 
by the Soviet authorities and Gulkowitsch himself was executed soon 
after the occupation of Tartu by Nazis. It has still its special 
place in the history of not only the University of Tartu, but also of 
the Jewish Studies. We have to remind this work and make it fruitful 
for the future, we have to discuss, how this work begun by 
Gulkowitsch and his students can be carried on today.

The programme includes beside the papers and discussion on the 
subject also the opening of the plaque in honour of L. Gulkowitsch, 
sightseeing tour "Academic and Jewish Tartu" and a Festvortrag with 
following reception on the third day.

Detailed programme of the conference with further information will be 
sent after You have announced Your participation. For further 
questions and information, please feel free and contact Ms. Anu Poldsam,
E-Mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED], Tel.: 00372 56 910781, and Mr. Urmas 
Nommik, E-Mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED], Tel.: 00372 50 36326.

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