I am pleased to inform you of the publication of the new book: Nachas 
Ruach: Torah-Based Psychotherapy and Tools for Growth and Healing by 
Dr. Naftali Fish

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Orthodox Jews Confront Modern Challenges of Internet and Addictions

New Book Focuses on Torah-Based Psychotherapy and Tools for Healing

"…an important contribution in furthering the understanding of 
psychology and psychotherapy for Torah-observant people..as well as a 
larger general audience including professionals." - Rabbi Dr. Abraham 
Twerski, Founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center and world-renowned 
therapist, author, and lecturer

 From Internet addiction to marital, family problems and "teens at 
risk" today's changing world can be confusing and challenging for 
anyone, including Orthodox Jews. The Orthodox Jewish community is not 
immune to many sensitive contemporary issues, which can no longer be 
ignored as in the past.

With increased awareness the Orthodox community has become more open 
to actively seeking professional guidance, which had been discouraged 
in the past.

The Nachas Ruach treatment model was developed as a response to this 
need. The important new book Nachas Ruach by Dr. Naftali Fish offers 
a solid conceptual framework for understanding the relationship 
between Torah and psychology – including the Twelve Step program – 
showing clearly where they are compatible and where they are not. Dr. 
Fish is uniquely qualified to bridge this gap, as an Orthodox Jew 
grounded in Torah Judaism and the wisdom of Jewish sages, and as a 
licensed clinical psychologist, with over twenty-five years' 
experience working with a variety of clinical issues.  Here he 
presents an innovative, effective approach that integrates Torah 
values and spirituality within the context of professional 
psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, as illustrated by intriguing case studies.

This book is a must-read for all professionals in the field of mental 
health, as well as for rabbis, educators, students studying 
psychology, and educated lay readers. Blending theory and practice, 
this book also provides practical tools and exercises for personal 
growth that anyone can gain from in their daily lives.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Naftali Fish is a licensed clinical psychologist 
and hypnotherapist. After completing a Doctorate in 1984 he made 
Aliyah with his family and lives in Jerusalem. Dr Fish has become a 
leading authority in the treatment of addictions, healing the "inner 
wounded child" and the enhancement of self-esteem. In the 
mid-nineties he founded and administered the first full-time Rehab 
program designed for Jewish addicts with the support of Rabbi Dr. 
Abraham Twerski. Dr Fish  has a full time private practice and has 
been teaching various courses in Psychology at Touro College 
since1993 and lectures in Israel and abroad.

Title: Nachas Ruach: Torah-Based Psychotherapy and Tools for Growth and Healing

ISBN: 978-1-56871-559-9  Author: Dr. Naftali Fish    Publisher: Targum Press

Cover: Hardcover    Pages: 309  Price: $29.99

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