Institute for Advanced Study
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Three new publications from Arcadia Press. I believe that these 
titles would be appropriate and interesting for the patrons of any 
Jewish library. A full list of new titles and newly reprinted titles 
since my last Arcadia list can be viewed at

All are offered at a 20% discount off of the retail prices listed 
below. Call 415-831-3228 or email to reserve copies. We ship and bill 
to libraries and institutions. Individuals can pay via check, charge 
card or paypal.


"Institute for Advanced Study " NJ . Linda G. Arntzenius $21.99

Founded in 1930, the Institute for Advanced Study was conceived of 
high ideals for the future of America and its system of higher 
education, and was made possible by sibling philanthropists Louis 
Bamberger and Caroline Bamberger Fuld. Guided by education expert 
Abraham Flexner, the Bambergers created an independent institution 
devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. The Institute for Advanced Study 
opened its arms to scholars "without regard to race, creed, or sex." 
It provided a haven for Jewish intellectuals fleeing Nazi Germany, 
including Albert Einstein, who remained on the permanent faculty 
until his death in 1955, and became the intellectual home of such 
luminaries as J. Robert Oppenheimer, John von Neumann, Kurt Gödel, 
Marston Morse, Oswald Veblen, Hermann Weyl, Homer A. Thompson, Erwin 
Panofsky, George F. Kennan, Clifford Geertz, and Freeman Dyson.

"Jewish Pioneers of the Black Hills Gold Rush " SD.  Ann Haber Stanton $21.99

The very name Deadwood conjures up vivid Wild West images: saloons 
with swinging doors, brazen dance-hall girls, buckskin-clad Calamity 
Jane roaming the streets with her erstwhile paramour, Wild Bill 
Hickok. The setting is the lawless Dakota Territory of 1876 at the 
start of the Black Hills gold rush, a stampede for the golden pay 
dirt. One would hardly expect to find a Jewish pioneer grocer named 
Jacob Goldberg in this scene, yet Deadwood's story is incomplete 
without Goldberg. And Goldberg's story is incomplete without either 
Calamity Jane or Wild Bill. Not just Goldberg, but Finkelstein (also 
known as Franklin), Stern (also known as Star), Jacobs, Schwarzwald, 
Colman, Hattenbach, and many other Jews joined the throngs. The Jews 
provided much more than overalls, chamberpots, and the chambers in 
which to put them. They also became the mayors, legislators, and 
civic leaders who helped bring sense and stability to this unruly 
expanse. Those of you who, as I did, were excited by the portrayal of 
the Jewish mechant in the HBO Series 'Deadwood' the truth of an even 
more Jewish Deadwood will prove an added pleasure.

"The New York City Triangle Factory Fire" NY.  Leigh Benin, Rob 
Linne, Adrienne Sosin, Joel Sosinsky, HBO Documentary Films  $21.99

Through historic images, "The New York City Triangle Factory Fire" 
honors the victims' sacrifice and serves as a reminder of the ongoing 
struggle for the dignity of all working people. (Sorry not have 
gotten the word out about this title sooner.)

PS: Also back in print: "Flatbush: The Heart of Brooklyn."  Neda C. 
Allbray. $24.99

Henry Hollander, Bookseller
843 Twenty-Fourth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121

tel 415-831-3228


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