Dear Hasafranim,

I was asked to post a request from a librarian (see below)... Please 
contact her directly if you have

any information. Her contact information is at the end of this email.

Librarian, Marilena Gahman is looking for a 2 or 3 volume set in 
Spanish for a patron.

Exile to Life  (Jacqueline Goldberg)

Ania Horszowski Fuchs is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust

Testimony in Venezuela

It's a volume set written in Spanish

Ania Horszowski Fuchs is one of the survivors whose experiences

were recorded in Venezuela between 1996-98.

The first two volumes and the third, published recently,
were compiled with text by Jacqueline Goldberg.  Her name makes me
wonder if a copy exists in English.  The Union Israelita de Caracas
Published them. I found a set in a Venezuelan bookstore, but
communication is difficult.  A patron has asked me to find the books so
she can purchase them, but if she changes her mind, I will for the library.

Marilena Gahman, Librarian


Clinton Macomb Public Library

Adult Nonfiction Desk


FAX 586-226-5048

thank you!


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