Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History
Delin Colón.
The author is the great-great niece of Aron Simanovitch, Rasputin's 
Jewish secretary.

This book is an account of Rasputin as a healer, equal rights 
activist and man of God,
and why he was so vilified by the aristocracy that their libelous and 
slanderous rumors became accepted as history.
For nearly a century, Grigory Rasputin, spiritual advisor to Russia's 
last Tsar and Tsarina,
has been unjustly maligned simply because history is written by the 
politically powerful and not by the common man.
A wealth of evidence shows that Rasputin was discredited by a 
fanatically anti-Semitic Russian society,
for advocating equal rights for the severely oppressed Jewish 
population, as well as for promoting peace in a pro-war era.
Testimony by his friends and enemies, from all social strata, 
provides a picture of a spiritual man who hated bigotry, inequity and violence.


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