Dear Safranim,

We are a small synagogue library, almost 3,000 items.  We currently 
are automated using Softlink Alice.

We would like to have our catalog on-line.  We need software that 
will let us import marc records (from LOC), print spine and barcode 
labels (5 digit barcodes), track loans/returns, and search (title, 
author, call number, subject heading, keyword, barcode).

With our current software (Alice) we can set our authority files so 
that a search for shabbas also searches for shabbat and sabbath.  We 
also can set it so that a search for Maimonides, also searches 
Rambam.   It's kind of an automatic see reference that we set up just 
once.  Our rabbi feels this is important.

We are looking at OPALS and will look at KOHA as well.  Although the 
price for KOHA may be above our range.

So - does anyone have experience with either OPALS or KOHA?  I see 
OPALS on the AJL wiki.  Would whoever is using OPALS contact us?

Any experience with other on-line inexpensive catalog software?

Thank you so much for you input!

Anna Lazaroff
B'nai Havurah
Colorado Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

720-318-4135, my cell - Anna


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