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  Andover-Harvard Library: Holocaust Rescue and Relief: Digitized Records
of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

A humanitarian crisis was brewing in Prague in 1939, and the Reverend
Waitstill Sharp and his wife Martha went to investigate when they heard
about it. From their initial work the Universal Unitarian Service Committee
(UUSC) was born, and they eventually worked to establish food and clothing
distribution centers, hospitals, and homes for children. The Andover-Harvard
Theological Library is the official archive for the records of the
Committee, and they have worked with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to
digitize approximately 257 boxes of UUSC material dating from 1939 to 1967.
Visitors can get started by clicking on the collection name on the homepage,
and then reading the scope and content note for each area. The sections here
include "Executive Director Records", "General Administrative Records", and
"Special Initiatives". The site presents a rather unique record of the
UUSC's activities over a 25-year period, and it is a collection that is
quite well organized and worth viewing. [KMG]

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