I have done (or am about to do) these community reads.  Please email 
me individually if you have further questions about any:

Walking the Bible by Feiler – truly a "community read" in 2005 with 
author Bruce Feiler and 2 synagogues, a Protestant college, and a 
Muslim community center – at the time, there was a youth level 
Walking the Bible, but it is out of print.

Triangle Waist Factory fire theme (100th anniversary year):

Triangle by Von Drehle – adult nonfiction account of fire

Triangle by Weber – adult novel set in present day flashing back to 
the time and

circumstances of fire

Lost by Davies – historical fiction youth level novel set in Triangle 
Waist Factory fire

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Graphic History by Gunderson – 
graphic novel format

3rd grade and up

Fire at the Triangle Factory by Littlefield – 2nd grade and up

Rooftop Adventures of Minnie and Tessa: Factory Fire Survivors by 
Littlefield – new graphic

novel format version of Fire at the Triangle Factory – 2nd grade and up

Golem theme:

Amazing Aventures of Kavalier and Clay by Chabon – award-winning adult novel

Puttermesser Papers by Ozick – adult novel

Golems of Gotham by Rosenbaum– adult novel

Prisoner in Time by Melnikoff – 5th grade and up

Ghosts and Golems by Penn – story collection – 4th grade and above

Dan and the Mudman by Zucker – 2nd or 3rd grade and above – bullies

Golem by Wisniewski – Kdg-2nd grade

Immigration/Emigration theme – doing this Community Read in October 
with author Fern Schumer Chapman – there is exciting news about the 
reunion after 72 years of Fern's mother, the main figure in both her 
books, and Gertie (Gerda) who was her friend on the ship, the main 
story of Is It Night or Day? All of the news about the reunion will 
be featured on Oprah's January opening show:

Motherland by Schumer Chapman – adult memoir

Cry of the Giraffe by Oren – Young Adult novel based on true story

Is It Night or Day? by Schumer Chapman – 5th grade and up (prequel to 

Faraway Island by Thor – 5th grade and up

Castle on Hester Street by Heller – Pre/K-2nd

Molly's Pilgrim by Cohen – Pre/K-2nd

Yuvi's Candy Tree by Simpson – Pre/K-2nd

Debbie Colodny
Sefer, So Good
1141 Garfield Av.
Libertyville, IL 60048

"If you want a child to read, read to the child."  (source unknown)


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