Shalom Safranim,

Culture Heroes: A thirteen part series about the significant 
contribution of individual artists to Israeli Culture

Thirteen subjects – and thirteen hand-picked directors, take on the 
complex and beautiful subject of Israeli cultural life. This 
fascinating series is comprised of individual films that illuminate 
the creative process – both behind and in front of the camera. Each 
chapter is directed by a well-know Israeli documentary filmmaker who 
carefully crafted an intimate and personal portrait of the subject. 
The series includes a look at the creative lives of musicians, 
dancers, painters and actors. Each chapter is a story onto its self 
that can be viewed both separately and as part of the fuller picture 
of contemporary creative life in Israel.

Included in the series are personalities ranging from conductor Zubin 
Mehta, to singer Chava Alberstien to choreographer Ohad Naharin.

Already purchased by the  libraries at Harvard and at Duke 
Universities, and screened in Chicago, Boston, Paris and Washington 
DC – this is a must series for anyone interested in contemporary 
Israeli life. The series is perfect for students and scholars of 
Israel Studies, Anthropology, Sociology and History of Israel.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing this very special series.



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