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Hello Friends,

Please feel free to share the following announcement with any 
interested colleagues.

Two positions on the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee will be 
available beginning January 1, 2012. Applicants should be members of 
AJL, familiar with the scope of Judaic children's literature, 
experienced in writing critical reviews, willing and able to read and 
review over 120 books during the course of a year, and able to meet 
deadlines. Committee members are expected to attend annual 
conventions and to participate in committee-sponsored events, 
including speaking at the Committee's annual presentation. The term 
of membership on the Committee is four years.  Each committee member 
typically receives more than $2,000 in books for review each year, 
which may be kept for personal use or added to the member's library. 
Membership on the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee is both fun and 
intellectually challenging, but it also requires a substantial 
commitment in terms of time and energy.

Members must be able to submit reviews electronically and correspond 
with other committee members through regular e-mail.
To apply, send a letter indicating the reasons for your interest, a 
resume, and several examples of your recent reviews of Jewish 
children's books to Barbara Bietz, Committee Chair, at Applications will be accepted 
through October 30, 2011

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Barbara Bietz
Chair, Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee
Association of Jewish Libraries


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