Commentary magazine was "cut off" because of its political views were 
deemed too conservative?
     This decision embodies the opposite of what our profession, and 
our country's bedrock principles, are supposed to stand for-- freedom 
of thought and freedom of ideas.  It's the same thing one sees in so 
many university departments these days--the stiflinlg of the free 
exchange of ideas instead of the promotion of same.
   It seems to me that the majority of Jewish periodicals are left of 
center.  Here I'd include fine publications like Moment Magazine, the 
Jerusalem Report, the Forward newspaper.  If your library subscribes 
to any of those, you are already providing an "offset" to Commentary, 
which is also a quality publication that shouldn't be denied your 
patrons because someone took it upon himself or herself to decide how 
your members should think.

Andrea Rapp


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