International Conference on Digitisation of Culture
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Dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce the upcoming
8th Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture.

The opening events will take place on the 14th at the National Library
of Israel and the Israel Museum Jerusalem; they are open to the public
without payment (with registration).

The conference will take place on the 15-16th of November at the
Van Leer Institute.

For the preliminary program see:

Registration to the opening (free) events:
Registration to the conference:

Conference sites:

Among the projects that will present at the conference: - 
Europeana - Linked Heritage - Judaica Europeana - HOPE (Heritage of Peoples of Europe) - eCLAP (Performance Arts) - Digitising Contemporary Art - Europeana Libraries - CARARE - MICHAEL - Opening the Natural History Heritage - Biodiversity Heritage Library - Natural Europe - The National Library of Austria - The National Archives of Sweden - Virtual Museum Transnational Network
Best regards,


Dov Winer

Israel MINERVA Coordinator

National Library of Israel

phone: +972.2.6586043 cellular: +972.508.261163 fax: +972.2.5333269


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